KR-Reverb FS
    Easy to use Reverb. KR-Reverb FS is an easy to use Reverb processor based on features found on the Reverberation module of our commercial product KR-Space. KR-Reverb FS is designed...
    Doing phonetics by computer. Praat is a computer program written by Paul Boersma and David Weenink from the Institute of Phonetic Sciences (University of Amsterdam) with which phoneticians...
    Head Crusher Free
    Analogue saturation processor. HeadCrusher Free is a free saturation plugin. Use it on drums,vocals,bass,master track to add power or simply to destroy a track
    UVI Workstation
    Expander / sampler. UVI Workstation is a multi-timbral instrument that provides unlimited parts, integrated effects, live performance features, and a smooth real-time workflow....
    Maximizer. LoudMax is a Look-Ahead Brickwall Loudness Maximizer Plugin with a clean transparent sound. It is designed to retain the original character of the music as much...
    Semi-Modular Synthesizer. Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. It offers abundant modulation...
    Envelope shaper plug-in. Transient is a free envelope shaper plug-in. Increase the attack of a snare, highlight picking on an acoustic guitar or smash a drum room.
    Multiband echo device. Free Audio Unit multiband echo device
    Multiband distortion. Free multiband distortion Audio Unit plug-in
    Chorus. Acon Digital Multiply is a free and versatile chorus effect with a unique twist. Each simulated voice is processed with a phase randomizing filter so that...
    Sonic visualiser
    Viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files.. Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files. The aim of Sonic Visualiser is to be the first program you...
    MDrummer small
    Percussion workstation. MDrummer Small is the lightest version of MDrummer. It does not contain drumset editor nor rhythm editor nor rhythm generator. However it contains several...
    Clipper plug-in. KlipFreak is a free clipper plug-in. Really simple to use, only 3 controls. Try it on your drums, or master track!
    Bass Grinder Free
    Metal virtual bass guitare amps and cabs. Bass Grinder Free is a free,stripped down version of Bass Grinder. What you get with Bass Grinder: 2 Amps ( Dragon & Razor ) 3 Cabs Gate
    Grind Machine Free
    Metal virtual amp. Grind Machine Free is a free, stripped down version of Grind Machine. What you get with Grind Machine Free: 2 Amps (Animal & Devil) 2 Cabs Gate DJENTBOX pedal
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