Argeiphontes Lyre

Category Audio Production / Experimental
Version 5.07
Format App
Compatibility Argeiphontes LyreMacOS X UB
License Freeware
Price Free
5 / 5 , 3 votes
Updated On Jan 17, 2010
Total Downloads 6,341
Mac Downloads 6,341

A set of audio, video and text filters and generators

Audio: Faltung In Zeit, The Lobster Quadrille,
Time Domain Mutation, Eviscerator Reanimator,
Morphological Disintegration, Dynamic State Veryabyll,
Time Domain Erosion, A Subtle Despondence, Dynamic FM Synthesis

Video: Mutation, Recombination, Audio Interpretation

Text: Mutation, Recombination
Mac OS X 10.5+
Argeiphontes Lyre Argeiphontes Lyre v 5.07 Jan 17, 2010 MacOS X UB
Akira Rabelais Argeiphontes Lyre Argeiphontes Lyre v 5.06 Oct 13, 2009 MacOS X UB
Akira Rabelais Argeiphontes Lyre v 5.05 Oct 11, 2009 MacOS X UB
audio Argeiphontes Lyre v 3b3 Apr 16, 2005 MacOS X PPC
mutation Argeiphontes Lyre v 2.0.4 Jan 15, 2004 MacOS 9
Akira Rabelais

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doggg powder
version 5.07, MacOS X UB
Still great...very unique.
Was one of my main apps in OS9 and the last years.
Hip hip hooray! Thanks Akira.
Loopy C
version 5.06, MacOS X UB
Undoubtedly this is the work of a truly independent thinking and original artist. His music is an inspiration and his various practices which include this software are a truly personal and unique expression of software art and sound design innovation.
No doubt, it is at times seemingly impenetrable (nothing is documented and functions are whimsically named with often no clue as to their affect) but as has been said, patience and willingness rewards the adventurer with delights and glimpses into an alternate universe of sound manipulation.
Myself, a 'user' since OS9 ;-)
version 5.05, MacOS X UB
Akira Rebelais is quite possibly the first true poet of multimedia macintosh software. His extraordinary intelligence and passion have been inspirational since the first version of Agreiphontes Lyre back in the OS 9 `90's. The word genius has been cheapened by overuse, but is in full evidence here. Put another way, this is the software that Neil Gaiman would write if he could code. If you're looking for Quick & Easy Loop Mangling, keep on moving-this is not for you. Think to the left of Metasynth. If you're patient & willing to explore-prepare to be delighted.
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