This software has been discontinued by Digidesign.

Pro Tools Free

Category Audio Production / Sequencers
Version 5.0.1
Format App
Compatibility Pro Tools FreeMacOS 9
License Freeware
Price Free
4 / 5 , 36 votes
Updated On Oct 25, 2000
Total Downloads 156,467
Mac Downloads 156,467

Multi-track Audio Editing

Pro Tools FREE offers up to 8 tracks of audio and 48 tracks of MIDI, real time plug-ins, and many of the same editing and mixing features the pros use.
  • Mac OS 8.6 or higher
  • - PPC - Opcode OMS v2.3.8 or higher

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    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Il est où le lien pour le telecharger ??
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Where's the download link?


    Pro Tools FREE for Mac OS 9 and Windows 98/Me — Discontinued

    Pro Tools FREE for Mac OS 9 and Windows 98/Me are no longer available for download or on CD.

    There are no current plans for a standalone version or a free version of Pro Tools for either Mac OSX or Windows XP.

    When Pro Tools FREE for Mac OS9 and Windows 98/Me was released years ago, it was originally meant to be a temporary demonstration tool for Pro Tools. At that time, there were no portable (USB or FireWire) Digidesign interfaces, only Pro Tools systems that used PCI hardware. Since that time, Digidesign has introduced the Mbox, Mbox 2, Digi 002, and Digi 002 Rack interfaces, as well as Pro Tools M-Powered software, which supports many M-Audio portable interfaces.

    Pro Tools HD or Pro Tools LE software for Mac OS X and Windows XP is included with all Pro Tools hardware systems. Pro Tools M-Powered software can be purchased and used with any supported M-Audio audio interface.
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Donwload link?
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    How do you download it from here?
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Er how do I down load pro tools free?
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Can't download, why?
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Trying it on old ibook G3

    Trying it on old ibook G3
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Musica ao vivo
    bee supir rukun-kematian
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    That,s good
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    It is very good programme to use with recording and tracks
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Maija Hynninen wrote:
    "It doesn't work on my G4 PowerBook in Classic 9. It gives and error: DAE error 28479. I like this program very much and would like to use it on my own computer aswell. Help! What to do?
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Usuario de mac os x 10.4
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Where is the link to donwload the software??
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    It's free!,but i cannot download this goddam software. why?
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Maija Hynninen wrote:
    "It doesn't work on my G4 PowerBook in Classic 9. It gives and error: DAE error 28479. I like this program very much and would like to use it on my own computer aswell. Help! What to do?"
    Digidesign's site, besides saying the product is now discontinued :-( says:
    "There was no Pro Tools FREE version for Windows XP or Mac OS X, and the above applications will not work on either operating system, or in Classic when booted in Mac OS X."
    So it looks like the only way to get it to work is to choose your OS9 system as startup and reboot. It ONLY works in NATIVE OS9 (as I just described) as opposed to CLASSIC OS9 -- there is actually a difference in how the computer runs in native vs. classic.
    Hope this helps!
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    It doesn't work on my G4 PowerBook in Classic 9. It gives and error: DAE error 28479. I like this program very much and would like to use it on my own computer aswell. Help! What to do?
    B3 Basher
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    It's not OSX!
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    I don't know what "Walt" is going on about - if he thinks Pro-tools FREE is less complicated than Cubase then he must have a screw loose. I get the feeling he may not have paid any attention to the manual either, as I find Pro-tools a LOT simpler to use for straight audio recording and also manipulating AIFF tracks for dance/electronic music.
    To put it simply, if you don't have much money and still want decent home recordings of your music, Pro-tools is FREE is the answer. I've been producing recordings with it for about three years and anyone who'se heard them say they're 'almost' the same quality as professional CDs. Not bad considering the only piece of software I've PAID for is the reverb plug-in for PRo-tools. Using various Free programs and synthesizers I can happliy record and create in any of the musical genres I'm into. (Tip: if you have 'save' disabled demo's of synths, you can record the audio in the background with "Coaster" and then import the AIFF into Pro-Tools Free for maniplulation/mixing).
    Better than any small commercial hardware 4 ort 8 track by a long shot! Thank you Digidesign! I promise when I get that winning lottery ticket I'll be purchasing a Pro-tools HD system. Pro-tools - deifnately the best all-rounder for the home musician!!
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    I'm running an upgraded Power Mac 7300 with a G3 upgrade and 320 MB ram ($400 Cdn total) and ProTools Free, a 20 yr old tape deck for signal amplification (Microphone), and a 15 yr old Yamaha FX500 for guitar input, and I'm delighted to be able to record my songs in 16 bit (by choice) stereo. This is certainly the way to have fun "tooling" around without spending the thousands of dollars it takes for "professional" recording. After all, there are only two types of music, good or bad, so why spend thousands of dollars if your songs suck! Thank you Digidesign.
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Pro Tools Free served me well for two years. I bought the D-Verb plug in, which was worth the $50. I just wish they had a OSX version. I'd be using it all the time. Currently I'm using Audacity and GarageBand.
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    It is an excellent way to learn the amazing Protools software for free. Also a way to get Protools working on a Titanium (using the compatible Digigram PCMCIA interface).
    The only missing feature is OSX support ;-)
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    I'm very disappointed with the convoluted way you have to set up the software to record. It should be simple and intuitatve. At the very least the audio tracks should be preset and you should be able to simply click the audio track and arm it for recording.
    The idea of setting in and out audio seems so stupid. Where else does audio go except in and out. The software should automatically be preset by default and if I want to route the audio differently then I go into some menue
    and re-route the audio in or out.
    This version of PTools has not made me want to go out and by the professional version with the hardware because it must be just as convoluted. In fact I'm going out and getting my self another hard disk recorder. This PTools software is not even worth the price.
    I prefer Cubase and DigitalPerformer.
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    This freeware has helped me write material & produce acceptable demos for an entire band whilst still in my bedroom. It's fantastic. My advice would be to buy the D-Verb plug-in from the Digidesign website, well worth it! Could do with a parametric EQ tho...
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Souvenirs, souvenirs...
    Mais c'est ma chanson, sur l'image, elle était vert et rouge!
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    C très bien
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Snif ... j'ai OS8.5 ... et OSX ... mais pas OS9 ... snif
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    J'ai moi-même utilisé Pro Tools FREE pendant 3 ans, avec une cinquantaine de plugins très puissants et faciles à trouver. C'est un multi piste avec toutes les fonctions nécessaires, simple d'utilisation. Il faut savoir comment ajuster le «buffer size» selon qu'on enregistre ou qu'on édite. Je le répète, c'est une application très complète et très poussée, et c'est un soft gratuit ! Ça sert à rendre les nouveaux utilisateurs PTF de vrais dépendants au Pro Tools ! Comme vous le savez, malheureusement, il n'y a pas encore de version pour OS X... et il n'y en aura probablement jamais. Dernière chose, notez que ça ne plante jamais, sauf Qq très rares conflits de plugins. C'est donc essentiel à avoir dans un MAC qui roule encore sous 9.1 ou 9.2.2. ;-)
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    A quand le os x !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Super.. mais on veut une version osX
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    à mon avis Protool free DOIT etre une reference en matière d'enregistrement et de soft musique / montage.
    J'attends les premier album fait avec PT Free !
    qui a besoin de plus de huit pistes ? c'est largement suffisant.
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    10 en 9, 0 en X!
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    A noter qu'en utilisant une carte VXpocket de Digigram (une des rares interfaces compatible avec Protools Free qui normalement ne supporte pas les interfaces audio), vous pouvez utilser cette version de Protool sur un portable pour faire vos enregistrements "live".
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Pas de version OS X. Sur quelle planète vit Digidesign ?
    Olivier Cosson
    version 5.0.1, MacOS 9
    Très très bien , un excellent rapport de qualité , pour le traitement AUDIO efficace et rapide.

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