AU Lab
    Audio Unit host. Appleā€™s free digital audio mixing application, AU Lab, can be used as a host application for Audio Unit effects, including AURoundTripAAC Audio Unit, one of the...
    Hosting AU microDAW
    Audio Unit host. This is a micro-sized Digital Audio Workstation for OSX that hosts Audio Unit synth and effect plugins, comes with 4ch+1 mixer with ext-audio input, 24-bit...
    Free-Standing VSTi host. HostX is a free-standing VSTi host, built. With HostX, you can play VSTi plugins without using a sequencer application.
    VST Host. Simple vst host application with presets and mouse+keyboard control.
    Command-line AU or VST host. MissWatson is a lightweight testing host designed for debugging and batch processing with a single plugin. It runs from a console and can easily be attached to a...
    MultiVST Shell
    VST instruments host. VST shell is a shell for VST instruments, to enable you to use them outside of your usual VST host. Multi VST Shell is a multitimbral version, enabling 4 VSTi's...
    Preset mixer. PMix (short for preset mixer) is a new composition and performance tool that facilitates the control of multiple plugin parameters using an intuitive graphical...
    Rob Papen plug-ins host. RP-Dock is a standalone host application for all our current Rob Papen products. From BLUE to Blade, and all our FX plug-ins can also be loaded! There are handy...
    AudioUnit Effect Selector. This is a simple application that allows you to pick a MIDI source, a MusicDevice AudioUnit and an Effect AudioUnit to play with. You can open an edit window for...
    Toontrack Solo
    Toontrack samplers host. Toontrack Solo is a host application for Toontrack Music samplers providing stand alone operation, multi-instance operation and support for specialist MIDI...
    Ugly VSTi Interface
    VSTi Host. Ugly VSTi Interface is an host application for VSTi plug-ins. It loads one VSTi at a time, and no effects, but it's intuitive and stable.
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