Easy audio device management. Control all your audio devices from the status bar, receive system notifications when relevant events happen on your audio devices and more.
    Tools for working with audio and music.. Free open-source set of tools includes pitch and frequency converters, a metronome and tools for working with the harmonic series.
    AWS Guitar Tuner
    Guitar Tuner. Simple guitar tuner program for Mac OS 9. Plays notes in standard and alternative tunings with multiple voices including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and...
    Audio utilities. Backline is an audio utility for Mac OS X. Think of it as Cocktail or OnyX for audio geeks. What does it do? * Audio File First Aid: repair malformed audio...
    Audio Preference Panel. BetterSound is a Mac OS X audio preference panel, offering some extra features in sound control management. BetterSound allows you to see all audio input and...
    BPM Analyser
    Determine the exact BPM of any song. This is a free program you can use to determine the exact BPM (beats per minute) of any song. BPM Analyzer allows you to: > > * Calculate extremely accurate...
    Time calculator / converter. In the same window, BPMcalc shows you the length in seconds or milliseconds of all normal/dotted/triplet notes from 1/1 to 1/64, for any given tempo, with an...
    Delay Calculator
    Calculate digital delay timings based on a tempo.. Enter a tempo in beats per minute and click 'Calculate.' That's all you have to do. The application will then display many common, and some uncommon, digital...
    Delay time calculator. Simple and beautiful delay time calculator
    Tuner. Fork is an equal-tempered tuner features : - real-time pitch analysis of internal sound input in range a1 to a6 (44.1 to 1760 cps) - led-style input level...
    Freaky Tuner
    Instruments tuner. Freaky Tuner is a program which have a wide variety of instruments to tune to and can pick the note, and one of seven octaves.
    Guitar tuner. GTuner is a little tool, that should help you tuning your guitar.
    Enable the soft playthru of audio from input devices.. LineIn is a simple application for OS X to enable the soft playthru of audio from input devices. In simpler terms, you can use LineIn to play sound through a...
    BPM counter. Check the BPM of a track by hitting the "." cap
    French keyboard with dot and brackets remapped. A lot of software use the apple key + brackets as essential shortcuts or the apple key + dot to cancel actions, but due to a different key assignements on AZERTY...
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