Teaches music theory. Teaches music theory; includes sections on note names (in treble, bass, tenor, and alto cleff), key signatures, ear training for chord recognition and interval...
    Chord Reference
    Guitar chord guide. You choose a note and chord type. This ergonomic widget will display simply how to hold that chord on your guitar. Your ear is the limit. This is a port of the...
    Ebony et Ivory
    To Learn Chords And Scales. This software provides information about chords and scales. It shows the corresponding pattern of chords on scores and keyboards.
    Making Music
    Online Musical Instrument Encyclopedia. MakingMusic is an online Musical Instrument Encyclopedia, providing a description, an image and a sound clip per instrument. This is an ongoing Freeware...
    Musical temperaments study. This software shows with picture and sound the differencies between temperaments, explains the notions of semi-tone and comma. It is dedicated to music teachers,...
    Chord learning. Tonespace is an intuitive music keyboard, combined with a chorder. It supports over 50 different grids, 14 scales, 18 keys, 30+ chord types and 10 chord...
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