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Version 1.3
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Updated On Sep 5, 2012
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SysEx utility

Utility which lets you communicate with MIDI devices using System Exclusive messages, also known as SysEx. The most common use is to backup patch data from synthesizers, although there are others (such as sending firmware updates).

SysEx Librarian makes it easy to keep a library of the SysEx files you use most often, and to record new SysEx files.
Mac OS X, Intel, 10.5.8 or later MIDI hardware interface with Mac OS X driver
SysEx Librarian SysEx Librarian v 1.3 Sep 5, 2012 MacOS X Intel
Picked a better font for the long data views.
Added automatic updating via Sparkle.
Built for 32- and 64-bit.
No longer works on PowerPC or 10.3 or 10.4, sorry. If necessary, get version 1.2.3, which does.
If the SysEx Librarian directory can't be created, the error message is now more informative.
Snoize SysEx Librarian SysEx Librarian v 1.2.3 Nov 6, 2011 MacOS X UB
Updated the list of manufacturer IDs.
Snoize SysEx Librarian v 1.2.2 Oct 19, 2009 MacOS X UB
* SysEx Librarian can now listen for MIDI program changes from other applications, and will react by sending sysex files. This feature is intended for use with MainStage, but may be useful in other situations too. Thanks to Robert Chin for the code.
* Updated the list of manufacturer IDs.
* Fixed a race condition in incoming MIDI processing, which could lead to a crash.
sysex SysEx Librarian v 1.2.1 Aug 19, 2009 MacOS X UB
Fixed a bug: in the Destination menu, some one-port MIDI interfaces did not have names.
files SysEx Librarian v 1.2 Sep 9, 2008 MacOS X UB
  • Show progress when sending sysex via "Act as a source for other programs". to avoid confusion. (It happens instantaneously, but without feedback, it wasn't clear that anything was happening.)

  • Spin progress indicators while waiting for incoming sysex, so it doesn't look like the app is stuck.

  • Simplified some threading code, which makes the app more stable, especially as MIDI devices are added and removed.

  • Updated the source code to work with Xcode 3.1.

  • Now requires OS X 10.3.9 or later. If you're still on 10.2, use the old version, 1.1.
  • utility SysEx Librarian v 1.1 Jun 11, 2007 MacOS X UB
    SysEx Librarian is now a Universal application. It is 100% native on Intel and PowerPC.
    The source code is now available.
    You can now change the sysex transmission speed, on a per-device or per-port basis. A few older MIDI devices may need the speed to be turned down to work consistently.
    Added a "save as .syx" feature, just like the existing "save as standard MIDI file". Now you can convert .mid to .syx!
    We now show checksums at the bottom of the sysex data in the details window, to make it easier to check if two sysex dumps are the same or different.
    Rewrote some code to remove dependencies on the Omni frameworks. This makes it easier for me to distribute the code, and easier for others to build the code. It also makes the application slightly smaller.
    The downside: SysEx Librarian now requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later. I don't think this will be a hardship since most MIDI drivers and applications are now built for 10.2. If you need a version which runs on 10.1, download it here.
    Fixed an undo problem: undo looked enabled but did nothing.

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    version 1.0.4, MacOS X PPC
    It is such a simple program, but it works great. Nothing much to say further. I use it to transfer midi-patches and keep a backup of midi-patches from my guitar pre-amp. I must have tool for me.
    version 1.0.4, MacOS X PPC
    Extremely helpful in getting sounds into hardware without external storage. Thanks.
    version 1.0.4, MacOS X PPC
    Exactly what I needed
    thanks !

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