Z4/8, MPC4000 AND S5/6000 editor. Ak.Sys for OSX allows you to completely control your Akai Z4/8 or MPC4000 from your new G5 or any OSX Macintosh computer. Even the S5/6000 are supported in this...
    Alpha Juno Control
    Patch Editor for the Alpha Juno Keyboard. Alpha Juno Control is a small utility app that will let owners of Roland's Alpha Juno synthesizers control patch parameters via MIDI from their beloved Mac's (OS...
    Bitstream 3X configuration software
    Bitstream 3X configuration software. The configuration software for the Wave Idea Bitstream 3X MIDI controller is a user friendly editor that allows to access all parameters of the Bitstream 3X.
    Bitstream 3X firmware upgrader
    Bitstream 3X firmware upgrader. This Mac & PC software allows to upgrade the firmware of the Bitstream 3X MIDI controller from Wave Idea
    Patchfile editor. Cherry Picker is an OS X application that allows you to open MOTU's FreeMIDI patch list files and edit them with a drag and drop interface. You can arrange...
    DX7 Librarian
    Voice data management for DX7 synthesizer. DX7 Librarian is a Macintosh program for managing voice data for DX7 synthesizer. Any voice parameter can be changed on Editor window having direct connection...
    JX8P editor
    Roland JX8P virtual sound editor. This is the software equivalent of the PG800 programmer, an optional extension of the JX8P, giving full access to its synthesis capability in real time. And...
    K5K Editor
    K5000 editor. Free editor for the Kawai K5000 synthesizer, written in Java
    M-audio Enigma
    Edit all controllable parameters of Evolution products. Enigma by M-Audio is a software that allows users to edit all controllable parameters of Evolution products (MK425C, MK449C, MK461C, UC-33e and UC-17 X-Session)....
    Patch editor for the Oberheim synthesizers. M1000X is a patch editor for the Oberheim Matrix-6, 6R, and 1000 synthesizers. It provides editing controls for all patch paramaters and many of the master...
    MC-909 editor
    Roland's editor for the mc-909. The MC-909 Editor enables intuitive parameter editing of the MC-909. Parameters that can be edited are; Patch, Rhythm, Part Information, and System.
    MD Machine Lab
    Editor for the Elektron Machinedrum. MD Machine Lab is an editor for the Elektron Machinedrum. MD Machine Lab allows you to create, tweak, and save individual machines (drum sounds) on your Mac!
    microKORG SoundEditor
    MicroKorg editor. Using the microKORG Sound Editor, you will be able see all of the parameters and their values on the computer screen! The envelope parameters are displayed...
    MicroWave I Editor
    MicroWave I Editor. Sound editor for the original Waldorf Microwave (aka Microwave I, with software version 2.0 installed)
    MicroWave II Editor
    MicroWave II Editor. Sound editor for the Waldorf Microwave II (including the XT line)
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