Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 5.1.1_128
Format RTAS
Compatibility DirectConnectMacOS 9
License Commercial Software
Updated On Jul 10, 2001
Total Downloads 1,837
Mac Downloads 1,837

Connect Audio Softwares to Pro Tools

DirectConnect can stream the output of a software synthesizer or sampler directly into Pro Tools. It provides a 24-bit digital path from compatible stand-alone audio applications directly into the Pro Tools mixing environment. Up to 32 separate audio channel outputs can be independently routed, recorded, mixed and processed in Pro Tools.
  • Pro Tools
  • DirectConnect DirectConnect v 5.1.1_128 Jul 10, 2001 MacOS 9
    Reduced buffer size 512 to 128 samples results in much lower audio latencies.
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    version 5.1.1_128, MacOS 9
    Great web site!

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