Easy audio device management. Control all your audio devices from the status bar, receive system notifications when relevant events happen on your audio devices and more.
    Audio files conversion program. Features: - Converts from any format that libsndfile can read, to WAV or AIFF format - Uses libsamplerate for high-quality sample rate conversion to various...
    Play, Encode, and Perform MP3. I'm easy to use, but with gobs of advanced features ready to be discovered! I can play your Audio CDs, your MP3s, and your streaming network audio, I can encode,...
    DJ application. Audiophile features a mixer-like interface with 2 channels, crossfader, equalizer, auto-fading, balance control
    Audiophile USB Driver
    Audiophile usb driver. M-Audio Audiophile usb driver
    Split mp3 files. AudioSlicer is a Cocoa GUI application that finds all silences in an audio file and allows you to split it into several smaller audio files and to name/tag them...
    Tools for working with audio and music.. Free open-source set of tools includes pitch and frequency converters, a metronome and tools for working with the harmonic series.
    Audiowerk drivers
    Audiowerk Drivers. The Audiowerk Driver works with the Audiowerk 2 and Audiowerk 8 cards revision V2 or higher. There are problems with older revisions of the Audiowerk8 which...
    Sound Analyzer Software. Real-time analysis AudioXplorer provides real-time analysis window where user can visualize the amplitude and the FFT. Static analysis AudioXplorer provides...
    Notpad. AUNotes (formerly known as Notepad) is a basic AudioUnit plugin designed for keeping text notes alongside an arrangement. Although AUNotes is compatible with any...
    Visual MIDI controler. Aurora is a MIDI controller you can use to send MIDI meassages to any external device or other application. Select the MIDI out device from the device menu on...
    A strange compressor/gate VST plug-in. Thanks to its special operation mode, this compressor/gate plug-in provides you strange compressions. Use it to dirty your samples, especially drum loops.
    Substrative synthesizer. Features : - subtractive synthesis - 3 antialiased oscilators - filters and amplifier - 2 ADSR's for filter and amplifier - 6 modulators with tempo sync....
    Pitch correction. This is a VST/AU port of Tom Baran's open source pitch correction LADSPA plug-in. All credit goes to Tom for the algorithm. At the moment it is designed to be...
    Audio / video step sequencer. AVdrum is an audio video step sequencer and drum machine. You have the ability to switch audio or video of a movie clip On/ Off in realtime to compose AV...
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