Delay Trio
    Delay. Delay Trio is a group of three plugins which are derived from the same basic delay algorithm: a hermite interpolated delay line with variable modulation, and a...
    Delay. The Delayifier is a 4-tap delay and includes tape rolloff and tape flutter for vintage-type effects. It also includes a ducking feature which suppresses the...
    Delta 1010 Driver
    Driver for Delta 1010. Driver for the Delta 1010 interface
    Delta 1010LT Driver
    Driver for Delta 1010LT. Driver for the Delta 1010LT card
    Delta 44 Driver
    Driver for Delta 44. Driver for the Delta 44 interface
    Delta 66 Driver
    Driver for Delta 66. Driver for the Delta 66 interface
    Delta Audiophile 2496 Driver
    Driver for Delta Audiophile 2496. Driver for the Delta Audiophile 2496 card
    Delta DiO 2496 Driver
    Driver for Delta DiO 2496. Driver for the Delta DiO 2496 card
    Delta RBUS Driver
    Driver for Delta RBUS. Driver for the Delta RBUS card
    Delta Series
    VST plugins pack. Pack of five free plugins containing: - filters - multiband distortion - delay - phaser - multi-band spatialisation
    Overdrive. Density is a very warm overdrive. Warning, extremely high gain at high settings!
    Granular Synthesis. Density is a new interactive real-time program for asynchronous granular synthesis LIVE and sound filegranulation, to generate a wide range of effects:...
    Dent du Midi
    Converts MIDI files into GarageBand files. Dent du Midi is a drag-and-drop application that takes standard MIDI files and generates AIFF containers for each track which contains note data. These AIFF...
    DIGI96 Series
    Drivers. Driver for DIGI96 series, Supports all DIGI96 series cards.
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