DCAM FreeComp
    Compressor. DCAM FreeComp is a free circuit-modelled compression plugin in VST, AU or RTAS formats. DCAM FreeComp is a realistic model of a classic console bus compressor...
    Low-Fi effect. Decimator is a little effect plugin that consists of a bit quantizer and sample rate reducer followed by a LP/HP filter.
    Mixer 4 Tracks for DJ. DeKstasy is for all levels of DJs, but specifically targeted at pros and amateurs performing live. Don't be fooled by the fact that this is free software. This...
    Delay Bundle
    Delay effects. SoundHack Delay Bundle is a group of four plugins derived from the same basic delay algorithm: a hermite interpolated delay line with variable modulation, and a...
    Delay Calculator
    Calculate digital delay timings based on a tempo.. Enter a tempo in beats per minute and click 'Calculate.' That's all you have to do. The application will then display many common, and some uncommon, digital...
    Delay Lama
    The Virtual Singing Monk. Delay Lama is the first VST-instrument to offer both vocal synthesis and a real-time animated 3D interface. Its advanced monophonic vocal synthesis engine...
    Delay. The Delayifier is a 4-tap delay and includes tape rolloff and tape flutter for vintage-type effects. It also includes a ducking feature which suppresses the...
    Delta 1010 Driver
    Driver for Delta 1010. Driver for the Delta 1010 interface
    Delta 1010LT Driver
    Driver for Delta 1010LT. Driver for the Delta 1010LT card
    Delta 44 Driver
    Driver for Delta 44. Driver for the Delta 44 interface
    Delta 66 Driver
    Driver for Delta 66. Driver for the Delta 66 interface
    Delta Audiophile 2496 Driver
    Driver for Delta Audiophile 2496. Driver for the Delta Audiophile 2496 card
    Delta DiO 2496 Driver
    Driver for Delta DiO 2496. Driver for the Delta DiO 2496 card
    Delta RBUS Driver
    Driver for Delta RBUS. Driver for the Delta RBUS card
    Delta Series
    VST plugins pack. Pack of five free plugins containing: - filters - multiband distortion - delay - phaser - multi-band spatialisation
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