Categorie Production Audio / Sequenceurs
Version 1.3.3
Format App
Compatibilité FretPetMacOS X UB
Licence Logiciel Commercial
Prix $10  /  9€
Mis à jour le 3 sept. 2012
Téléchargements 2 381
Télécharg. Mac 2 381

Séquenceur orienté guitare

FretPet est un séquenceur orienté guitare doté d'une interface dynamique simple et intuitive. Centré sur la guitare à 6 cordes, FretPet constitue un outil de référence pour trouver les noms d'accords sur la frette. Le programme peut vous montrer tous les accords dans toutes les tonalités. Le séquenceur peut contrôler des appareils MIDI externes ou des instruments virtuels, et exporter des fichiers MIDI ou Quicktime Music.
Mac with a 1GHz or faster processor Mac OS X 10.5 or higher 512MB RAM
FretPet FretPet v 1.3.3 3 sept. 2012 MacOS X UB
This is a bugfix release to address problems with the integrity of exported MIDI files. We've been using FretPet with the Alesis IO Dock and our favorite iPad synthesizers, and it's been a lot of fun. To make this experience better for everyone we're working on improved MIDI options and file export for one of our favorite new sequencers, SunVox!
Thinkyhead Software FretPet FretPet v 1.3.1 10 sept. 2011 MacOS X UB
  • Fixed reversed controls in 10.7 Lion

  • Improved stability in playback animation
  • Thinkyhead Software FretPet v 1.3.0 23 juil. 2011 MacOS X UB
    Added startup test for a QuickTime conflict (-18077)
    Replaced QuickTime Note Player with AU Synth
    Added support for the 98 built-in GS instruments
    Fixed UI issues with Channels Palette
    Updated French and Italian translations
    Fixed UI issues in French & Italian interfaces
    Improved support for scroll wheels and trackpads
    Instrument controls wrap when scrolled/tracked
    quenceur FretPet v 1.2.8 16 juin 2011 MacOS X UB
    This update brings incremental improvement to this classic sequencer and restores support for some older Macs. If it used to bug you that playback animation was braking for dialogs, as of this version playback and animation continue no matter what else you're doing. We've been messing with our build settings again, so everything should feel a little more responsive.
    guitare FretPet v 1.2.7 7 juin 2011 MacOS X UB
    * Repaired a potential stuck About Box issue
    * Fixed an issue with French and Italian localizations
    * Fixed a crash that could occur during save or export
    orient FretPet v 1.2.6 10 avril 2011 MacOS X UB
    FretPet is now available on the Mac App Store at the new low price of $9.99. The download version can still be purchased through Kagi Shareware also at $9.99. This is the ultimate version of your favorite guitar-based Mac music sequencer!

    * Support for the Mac App Store
    * New Low Price on the Kagi Store
    telecharger FretPet v 1.2.5 5 juin 2010 MacOS X UB
    This update is the first with 100% reliable chord naming, bringing FretPet into parity with ChordCalc 1.1.1. The chord naming code was audited (by feeding its output into the name input of ChordCalc and comparing the result to the original chord). Two issues affecting certain 13th chords were discovered and patched.

    * Fixed naming issues affecting some 13th chords.
    * Fixed the built-in software updater.
    mac FretPet v 1.2.4 29 déc. 2009 MacOS X UB
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Enabled Parts Filters

  • Added Sparkle framework for auto update

  • Fixed issue with player being interrupted by menus
  • windows FretPet v 1.2.3 28 déc. 2009 MacOS X UB
    * Further fixes to chord notation
    * Replaced deprecated timer code
    macintosh FretPet v 1.2.2 11 déc. 2009 MacOS X UB
    Improvements to chord naming, bringing parity with ChordCalc 1.0.2
    pc FretPet v 1.2 25 nov. 2009 MacOS X UB
    * Completely replaced old buggy chord notation code
    * Includes (incomplete and likely bad) Italian localization
    * Added support for half-diminished chords
    * Chord name no longer drawn in red when the root is locked
    * Fixed window alignment when the Dock is on the left
    FretPet v 1.1.1 8 mars 2009 MacOS X UB
    * Expanded selection of Guitar Themes
    * Includes some large Guitar Themes for big displays
    * Added larger views to the Keyboard Palette
    * Guitar Themes are now fully user-customizable
    * Increased the size of the Diagram palette
    * Bracket dragging is now smoothly rendered
    * Fixed Format 0 Running Mode MIDI Export
    * Fixed broken Undo/Redo of Velocity/Sustain changes
    * Cleaned up various Undo/Redo anomalies
    * Fixed display of string tones in horizontal mode
    * Improved OpenGL graphics engine
    * Guitar Themes now include customizable playback animations
    * Moved the Root/Key selector to the main toolbar
    * Guitar strum timing now syncs with the tempo
    * Fixed a "stuck keys" bug in the Keyboard palette
    * Added double-click editing to Channels Palette
    * Instrument tooltips update properly in the Channels Palette
    * Option-click in the circle palette now strums upward
    * Clicked sequencer tones no longer sound during playback
    * Fixed display of the Diagram for certain functions
    * Init Part 1 as guitar, Part 2 as Piano
    * Better mousewheel and trackpad support in controls
    * Fixed transpose command keys in halftone view mode
    * Re-implemented data storage classes under STL
    FretPet v 1.1 8 sept. 2008 MacOS X UB
  • Added a full-featured Guitar Theming system

  • Dots, Playback Effects, and Bracket graphics now customizable

  • Includes larger Guitar Themes suitable for modern displays

  • Added mousewheel/trackpad support to the Guitar Palette

  • Special playback effects included in some of the built-in guitars

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting with unsaved documents

  • Fixed Undo / Redo of Velocity and Sustain

  • Added medium/large views to the Keyboard Palette

  • Bracket resizing is now smoothly rendered

  • Streamlined OpenGL-based graphics rendering

  • Fixed Export of MIDI Format 0 "Running Mode"

  • Fixed broken Undo/Redo of Velocity/Sustain changes

  • Fixed display of string tones in the Sideways orientation

  • Guitar strum timing now aligns with the tempo

  • Fixed a "stuck keys" bug in the Keyboard Palette

  • Added double-click editing to the Channels Palette

  • Fixed a bug with help tips in the Channels Palette

  • Option-click in the Circle Palette to strum upward

  • Clicked sequencer tones no longer sound during playback

  • Re-implemented data storage classes with STL

  • Fixed transpose command keys in halftone view mode

  • Better mousewheel and trackpad support in controls

  • Part 1 now starts out as Guitar, Part 2 as Piano

  • Fixed display of the Diagram for certain functions

  • Reset Palettes now aligns palettes to screen edges

  • Enlarged and simplified the Diagram Palette

  • Moved the Tonic/Key button to the main Toolbar
  • FretPet v 1.0.8 8 févr. 2007 MacOS X UB
    Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur on startup
    FretPet v 1.0.7 1 févr. 2007 MacOS X UB
    Drag-selecting no longer scrolls too fast. Fixed cosmetic glitches in the D# dot graphics. Click-and-hold can now be used to override fretboard dots. Command key shortcuts now work in the Save Alert. Filters are now disabled when they would have no effect. Fixed the Undo/Redo behavior of several filters. The Dots Display setting is now properly saved. Numbered Dots now show the correct extensions.
    FretPet v 1.0.6 4 août 2006 MacOS X UB
    Added an option to display fretboard dots with Letter Names.
    FretPet v 1.0.5 24 juin 2006 MacOS X UB
  • correction de bug
  • FretPet v 1.0.4 16 juin 2006 MacOS X UB
  • amélioration de la localisation française

  • correction de bugs
  • FretPet v 1.0.3 22 mai 2006 MacOS X UB
  • Compiled as a Universal Binary for Intel-based Macs (consider this a beta!)

  • Added visual feedback to the Circle Palette

  • Fixed a bug loading guitar images in a Unicode pathname

  • Fixed a bug in which fingering overrides weren't reflected in the document

  • Fixed a bug in which inactive menu items didn't block raw key events

  • Fixed a bug in which Paste Tones failed to update the Scale Cursor

  • Fixed an issue where Undo / Redo improperly affected playback

  • Fixed a bug where the Revert command would crash the program

  • Changed the keyboard to only light up tones in the current part

  • Reduced the size of the application's resource files
  • FretPet v 1.0.2 14 févr. 2006 MacOS X PPC
    Fixed crash when the low string is tuned below C
    Fixed improper undo/redo of deleted chords
    Added a new Tones:Cleanup filter to remove unused tones
    Recompiled with the 10.4u SDK targeting 10.3
    Updated Kagi Registration Module
    Updated manual and web site
    Fixed menu item marks in the French instrument popup
    FretPet v 1.0.1 16 oct. 2005 MacOS X PPC
    Updated the diagram button
    Fixed missing Random2 filter
    FretPet v 1.0 10 oct. 2005 MacOS X PPC
    Non-expiring release version
    Fixed paste-replacing at the end of a document
    Added a "Pattern:Random 2" filter (one tone per string)
    Thinkyhead Software
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