par Gvox
Categorie Education et composition / Partitions et tablatures
Version 5.0.6
Format App
Compatibilité EncoreMacOS X UB
Licence Logiciel Commercial
Prix $400  /  367€
Mis à jour le 11 nov. 2010
Téléchargements 71 461
Télécharg. Mac 69 996
Categorie Education et composition / Partitions et tablatures
Version 5.0.2
Format App
Compatibilité EncoreWindows
Licence Logiciel Commercial
Prix $400  /  367€
Mis à jour le 29 avril 2010
Téléchargements 71 461
Télécharg. PC 1 465

Editeur de partition

Le plus simple, le plus convivial éditeur de partition, sort enfin d'une période trouble (éditeur originel en faillite, repreneur fantômatique, nouvelle version crashant sur Mac OS 9 et X). Depuis la version 4.5.4 on peut dire qu'un des pionniers de l'édition de partition sur Mac est à nouveau disponible et une excellente alternative aux "poids lourds" de la catégorie : Finale et Sibelius.
G3 CPU or better, 32MB of RAM, 16MB Hard Disk space Mac OS 10.3 or higher
Pentium class CPU or greater, 32MB of RAM, SVGA video, PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Encore Encore v 5.0.6 11 nov. 2010 MacOS X UB
Gvox Encore Encore v 5.0.5 29 juil. 2010 MacOS X UB
Added a "safe save" feature on Windows, to prevent corruption if crash during saving, etc. -- it also allows You can now access the last 20 saved versions in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\GVOX\)
Added rulers with new (red) quartz lines on mousefollow.
Made expressions, graphics, text, dynamics, slurs and symbols assignable to any voice.
Small change in default slur location at noteheads.
Palette now keeps dot and tuplet when hotkey switches note/rest value.
Lyrics are now not centered when note has a right tie (Win was changed to match Mac).
Now any note in a chord can be clicked on for lyric insert.
Dynamics now playback on any other voice that is not using dynamic marks (this gives users the flexibility to use different MIDI channels on separate voices, but keep dynamics in one voice for entire staff)
Notes are automatically re-beamed when option/ctrl-drag a note.
Added arrows on windows palette header to match mac.
Selection now does not change which switching voice view.
Auto-adjusting of slurs when dragging notes, et al now handles more than one slur at a note.
Enabled negative numbers for measure number offset.
Added tempo object as part of top-text extraction of part.
Added a message asking the user to save file first when opening legacy files on Windows.
Made ellipse and circled string numbers to draw using GDI+ anti-aliasing on Windows.
Removed hard-coding of voices 2-4 & 6-8 to always beam down.
Encore now looks in all voices when calculating tie direction.
Added ability to create a non-score file as Default New Score.enc in the template directory - which will then bypass opening a template at launch.
Made follow playback always ON when recording.
Made QWERTY mode always turn off when keyboard closes.
Added the right-click popup menu in palette header to MTD Windows.

Fixed bug causing files to be corrupted when saving while in text edit mode.
Fixed bug causing crash on Windows opening a file saved with large printer info (some HP printers, for example).
Fixed various bugs/crashes related to converting to/from unicode text.
Fixed crashing bug when justify slurs at end of page.
Fixed crash when extracting parts when current measure on part was on a page not in view.
Fixed a crash when hitting '[' or ']' at end of a line.
Fixed crashing bug when pasting in chord mode.
Fixed bug that caused program to hang (sometimes appears when editing chord in last measure).
Fixed bug where program would hang when transposing certain tied notes.

Various bug fixes for Mac Snow Leopard support.
Fixed bug when creating ties were in wrong direction with chords.
Fixed bugs related to using/adjusting lyric/chord position arrow.
Fixed bug where tab-selecting a note would insert an unwanted chord.
Fixed bug where normalize stems didn't normalize chords.
Fixed bug where tab-selecting note would insert chord.
Fixed bug when one voice in foreground and drag staff or barline didn't auto-justify other voices.
Fixed various redraw problems after dragging and editing.
Fixed bug where dragging top staff on page drag could not be dragged very high on some pages.
Fixed bug where opt-drag staff left didn't recalculate barlines on staff ends properly on subsequent pages.
Fixed bug where dragging margin of a staff margin didn't auto-justifies entire line.
Fixed many bugs drawing and dragging slurs/ties that wrap-around a system or page.
Fixed bug where objects in a background voice sometimes drew over foreground voice.
Fixed bug where marks were not the right size when attached to grace notes.
Fixed bug where stems sometimes went through the back end of beam.
Fixed bug where key signatures with cancellation accidentals would not be given enough space on justify.
Fixed bug which miscalculated the right # of staves in new staff dialog
Fixed bug not erasing all of tie when deleting a tie that overlaps barline.
Fixed MIDI Sync and related issues.
Fixed various initial MIDI data problems when starting playback.
Removed Humanize from playing back hairpins (was creating strange results)
Fixed bug where alto and tenor clef helptips were swapped
Fixed bug where double-clicking on dynamics palette would not launch playback window.
Fixed bugs in updating/enabling menu items depending on current context.
Fixed bug where slur would jump to other staves too easily when dragging.
Fixed bug extracting parts when some staves in score were hidden.
Fixed bug with print midi option not working on windows.
Fixed bug on XP where # of copies printed squared.
Fixed bug with bad default file pathname when printing to file.
Fixed bug saving over network.
Fixed flickering of ledger line when in arrow mode.
Fixed bug where dragging middle of a short beam acted as dragging left side of beam.
Fixed firewall preventing note collision on note and barline drags.
Fixed bug where moving a note vertically would still normalize stems, etc.
Fixed bug not able to undo barline drag.
Fixed bug where stemless notes would be not be stemless after an auto-justify.
Fixed bugs where lyrics were sometimes not be auto-justified (after barline drag, etc)
Fixed bugs where slurs would sometimes "wander" from the note after auto-justifying.
Fixed bug where auto-adjust would sometimes end up with middle of slur at right side of slur
Fixed stem length slider in mac Note Attributes to set stem to zero.
Fixed bug where score would scroll to beginning after some operations.
Fixed bugs with print selection option in Windows print dialog.
Fixed bug on Windows where text and other objects outside selection still printed on when printing selection-only.
Fixed bug in calculating tied notes' play duration on Windows.
Fixed bug where note velocity popup menu would change default setting for change velocity dialog.
Fixed various intel-mac related bugs reading old scores.
Fixed bug with tied notes over barline would become "detached" and mute after any function requiring a measure resize without align spacing (entering/transposing new key/time signature on same line, etc).
Fixed bug where tied note over barline would not play if starting playback in the tied-to measure.
Fixed bug where adding new staves would assign MIDI channels in reverse order.
Added disable of "print midi" in show/hide dlog if midi isn't also enabled.
Fixed problems with ties flipping, normalizing stems, marks, etc when transposing/nudging tied notes.
Fixed wrong undo message after simplify accidentals.
Fixed bug in lyric entry where backspacing in 2nd measure of score over barline into 1st measure caused errors or a crash.
Fixed bugs with MIDI bank, pan, and reverb not properly sent on playback.
Fixed bug in calculating tied notes' play duration.
Added automatic garrison MIDI port detection to see "ARIA Player".
Fixed bugs in VST player (windows prefs saving & dropped notes during high CPU usage)
Fixed bug on Win where lyric melisma on more than two notes only displayed under the last one.
Fixed various bugs where dragging items on windows would mute notes.
Fixed bug where a new staff did not initialize Synth Device to general MIDI for voices 2-8.
Fixed bug where a right repeat following another right repeat (with no left repeat in between them) would cause an infinte loop in playback and program freeze in MIDI export. (now in such cases the right repeat is ignored)
Fixed bugs with sending MIDI legato on slur playback in Windows.
Fixed bug where files double-clicked from windows explorer didn't open.
Fixed bug in Windows Click Setup not being able to enter flat/sharp notes.
Added missing alt-key menu shortcuts on Windows.
Fixed Windows templates to use Send Volume and Humanize but NOT Velocity Override.
Fixed bugs writing track banks, pan, and reverb on MIDI file export.
Fixed playback problems with overlapped unison notes (now prematurely ends any note before an overlapped note enters and does not end the note until the last overlapped note stops).
Added a bit overlap (15 ticks) above 100% to slur durations to slur.
Fixed bug that was allowing opening same file twice.
Fixed bug where erase cursor would sometimes not appear.
Changed max play duration to 200%.
Fixed bug where chord parsing did not insert on the proper chord line.
Fixed bug where trill lines printed in wrong direction on Intel Macs.
Fixed bug where current measure when not visually erase recording over that measure.
Fixed bug with Meas-Per-System dialog's OK button didn't close dialog.
Fixed bug with Change Tempo Dialog changed the wrong measure.
Fixed bug on Windows where Default Template would not open to size/location/maximize exactly as saved.
Fixed bug not restoring saved window location on score open.
Fixed bug creating invalid unicode character for line return on XML export on Windows.
Fixed bug where a lyric/chord line drag into staff above would cause it to be "stuck".
Fixed bug where notes would be mute when assigned to a new voice.
Fixed bug extracting parts in MTD used.enc extension.
Fixed bug when extracting > 1 parts on MTD parts would cause error opening because of the 2 score maximum.
Fixed bug where MusicTime virtual MIDI ports were named "Encore".
Various memory allocation/leak fixes.
Various minor updates of dialog names, tooltips, typos, and layout.
Gvox Encore v 5.0 11 janv. 2008 MacOS X UB
Tollbar now displays all tools
Preroll click option
New Score Wizard
Over 30 Templates and unlimited user created template
Transposed or "C" score option.
Beginning measure number offset
Preset Tab tunings option
Added menu items
Auto Spacing when dragging notes, barlines and systems
Enhanced MIDI playback
Garritan Personal Studio ready
Simplified Accidentals option
More shortcuts
Music XML import and export
Full DLS and Soundfont support
Handwritten Music Style option
Bonus - Hundreds of works by J.S. Bach formatted in Encore, ready to use
partition Encore v 4 août 2006 MacOS X PPC
Installation is now simply "drag and drop". 
After opening the .dmg file, drag Encore to your hard drive - most likely to your Applications folder.
Encore runs in "Demo" mode by default.  To enable the full features, launch Encore, then select "About Encore" from the "Encore" Menu.  A dialog box will appear where you must enter the serial number given to you when purchasing the product.  
To register Encore for all users on one computer, you must log in to an administrator's account before submitting the serial number.

Files Created in Older Versions
You can open files created in older versions of Encore, MusicTime Deluxe, or Master Tracks Pro. When opening an older file, it is advised to immediately choose "save as", creating a new file. Then close and reopen the new file before working with the document.

  • CoreMIDI implementation has been greatly improved in this version, with some significant changes to the MIDI settings.

  • The Built-in Synth (using OSX's DLS Music Device AU) is now treated the same as any MIDI device. You can now mix all external and built-in devices, playing them all simultaneously.

  • There is now support for Soundfont and DLS soundbanks. Place the SF2 or DLS soundbanks you want to use in the ~/Library/Audio/Sounds/Banks folder. In Encore, these files become an extension to the Built-in Synth. You can choose the SF2/DLS soundbank in the "Synthesizer" menu in the QT Instrument Selection Window. At this time, only one soundbank can be loaded at a time. If you have multiple scores open, any change to a soundbank file will affect all scores.

  • The concepts of MIDI "Drivers" and "Ports" have been eliminated. You now select MIDI devices per-staff by clicking on the staff's "channel" cell in the Staff Sheet Window.  A check box gives you the option to change all staves to the same device at once. For scores saved in older versions, PortA will be translated as the Built-in Synth and PortB will default to the first found external MIDI device.

  • Encore also now supports "Virtual Ports".  When enabled in the MIDI Setup Window, Encore presents an input and output port for other applications to send/receive ALL MIDI data.

  • You now have the option to record from "All" MIDI devices, a specific device, or "None".  Be careful of MIDI feedback loops! It has been noticed that OSX's IAC Buses tend to feedback.  In general if you want to send MIDI to another application, let the Virtual Device handle it.  However, if you do use an IAC Bus as your output device, make sure you do not have the IAC Bus or "All" set as your input device, as feedback may occur and Encore will become noticeably sluggish.

  • "MIDI Thru" now is only used as a genuine thru: input passed to output. You almost always will want to keep the setting on "Follow Current Staff".

  • MIDI Sync is now disabled.

  • Preferences and Templates
    Application preferences are now saved automatically every time you quit the application. If you want to set score-specific defaults for new documents, you must use a template file. Create a score with all the settings you want for the template, then choose "Save Settings to Template" from the "Setup" menu. The template file will be saved in the user's ~/Library/Application Support/GVOX/Templates folder.

    Items that used to be saved in Preferences that are now only saved in the template file are:
    - Marks (Play status and settings for accent, staccato and tenuto)
    - Tempo Indication (Font) 
    - Measure Endings (play status and font) 
    - Coda phrases (play status and font) 
    - Measure Numbers (Showing, layout and font) 
    - Compressed Rests (Font)
    - Text Elements (all)
    - Show/Hide (all)
    - Font selection for Staff Names 
    - Spacing Defaults (all)

    New Fonts
    We have experimentally added a "handwritten" font to this version.  You can turn the font on from the application's "Setup" menu.  Note that currently that this is an application-wide option, you cannot save the font setting per-document.  Two text fonts that match the graphics are also included, called "NorText" and "NorTextExtra".

    Keyboard Shortcuts
    Spacebar now starts/stops playback in edit mode, as well as select mode.
    'A' and 'P' keys each now act as a toggle between edit and select modes.
    Cmd-; is now the shortcut for "Show/Hide"
    Shift-cmd-B is now the shortcut for "Beam Group"
    Shortcuts for "Save As", "Page Setup", and "Align Playback" have been added.
    Added quick-keys for New Chord dialog, reflecting Windows version:
    [ only works when 'custom' button is off -- a-g = roots, A-G = bass, 3-4 = root #/b, #-$ = bass #/b ]

    Other changes to 4.5.6
    Live scrolling and resizing for Score and Staff Windows.
    Added standard "Window" Menu Functionality.
    Created new windows for some dialog boxes, some of which now allow you to see results "live" while changing settings and before closing the window.
    Added playing of note with shift-select.
    Printing is now allowed in Demo mode, with "DEMO" text overlaid.
    Changed  MIDI Thru to default to "follow staff"
    Click can now be sent on any MIDI Device in the popup menu.
    Set default channel for new percussion staves to 10.
    Made drum map default to GM for new percussion staff.
    Now can open files without write permission as an untitled, unsaved file.

    Bug fixes to
    Fixed problems launching application on 10.3
    Fixed problems with MIDI messages sent when stopping.
    Fixed crash when failing to open a locked file.
    version Encore v 31 mars 2006 MacOS X PPC
    Correction de bugs
    mac Encore v 4.5.6 MacOS X PPC
    GVOX CEO Richard Hotchkiss calls the new upgrade "a substantial bug fix and optimization" for Encore users on the Apple platform. Encore 4.5.6 boasts improved performance, ranging from changes to onscreen look and feel to a vast improvement in overall speed.

    Major advances focus on MIDI functions. Most notably, Encore's Real Time Transcription now performs smoothly and efficiently for Mac users.

    Other improvements include:

    Treating Apple's built-in synthesizer as a Device, allowing external and built-in devices to be used simultaneously.
    The addition of Virtual Ports. When selected in the MIDI Setup Window, Encore presents an input and output port for other applications to send and receive MIDI data.
    Encore Encore v 5.0.2 29 avril 2010 Windows
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    version 5.0.6, MacOS X UB
    Pb de "error " après telechargement, à l'installation de la MAJ 5.06:
    j'ai la 5.05 .. ???
    version 4.5.6, MacOS X PPC
    The newest upgrade for Encore 5.03 is a disaster. I have had to go back to 4.x.x There are serious alignment problems, there are serious tie and slur problems. It is simply a face lift from 4 but now there are more bugs than before. Buyer beware
    version, MacOS X PPC
    Don't be tempted by the faster speed, less cpu-intensive event loop and slicker UI - this version contains some serious bugs that cause random crashes (particularly when editing lyrics) and can corrupt your files. Stick with 4.5.5 until these are fixed - the older version may be slow, but its bugs are less catastrophic.
    version 4.5.5, Carbon (OS 9+10)
    J'ai un ENCORE 4.1.1 DEPUIS PLUS DE 15 Année et je crois
    que cest le meilleur,
    version 4.5.4, Carbon (OS 9+10)
    Not up to standard!

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