Wavesampler XL blue
    Sample player. ADSR envelope Arpeggiator LFO LP/BP/HP filters Pitch wheel Note change Octave change Portamento and pitch Knobs Joystick controlle
    Wave editor. A free envelope-based wave and music editor
    Real time audio analysis tools. A suite of real-time audio analysis tools for high quality measurements: Spectrum analyser and oscilloscope (with calibration in dB or Volts), Signal Generator...
    Audio editor and VST host. Wavosaur is a powerful free audio editor for Windows XP, ideal for editing audio clips, sound designing, mastering, audio mangling and recording of your digital...
    Loop sampler. Wavtransit, created specifically for the 2007 KVR Developer Challenge, is a VSTi loop sampler designed for manipulating longer samples and recordings to be...
    Generative Music Generator in Memory of Anton Webern. A computer program that automatically composes generative Carillon music based on the twelve-tone row of Anton Webern's last composition - commemorating his...
    Pitch-shifter. Whamdrive is a VST plug-in to shift the pitch of an incoming audio signal. It allows you to pitch an incoming audio stream in realtime with an external MIDI foot...
    White Lightning
    3 Osc Unison Synth. 2 Unison Oscillators 16 Voice 7 Waveforms Sine,Saw,Ramp,Triangle,Pulse,(PWM)White Noise,Pink Noise.Mute Button on each Oscillator 2 ADSR Oscillator Envelopes 1...
    Stereo effect. A simple tool to enhance the stereo sound of your audio material
    Distortion unit. Winkl is a free foldback distortion for VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit plug-in formats. Winkl is not a subtle distortion, this is well suited for bass and leads,...
    Wizard Master Control Program
    MIDI trigger. The Wizard Master Control Program lets you trigger external MIDI devices or your computer's awesomely simplex internal MIDI instruments with 128 separate beat...
    Delay Calculator, Frames to ms and loop pitch rates computer and more. The complete assistant, apart from regular calculation processes, WizCalc is telling you how to pitch a loop to the desire length or tempo by means of detecting...
    Substractive synth. - Three independent modules. - Six oscillators on each module - ADSR - Multi outs. - Patch Bank. - MIDI Automation. - Oscillators routing. - Pitch tracking.
    Wollo Beat
    Drum machine. Wollo Beat is a simple virtual drum and percussion machine that combines 808 style sounds with two onboard effect processors - a delay effect with BPM host sync,...
    Wollo Drone
    Substractive synth. The Wollo Drone is a virtual analog synthesizer that combines analog style sounds with onboard effect processors. Flanger with moog filter and two delays.
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