UR-80 Editor
    Editor for the UR-80. UR-80 Editor is a software that lets you create UR-80 memory sets on your computer. You can also make system settings for the UR-80 itself.
    Urban Nexus
    Spectral synthesizer. Urban Nexus is a spectral synthesizer with 32 harmonics that can be simple drawn with mouse. In the same way can be adjusted the amp ADSR and filter ADSR....
    US-122 driver
    Driver for US-122. Driver for the USB Audio/MIDI Interface US-122
    US-224 driver
    Driver for US-244. USB Drivers for the USB interface controller US-224
    US-428 driver
    Driver for US-428. USB Driver for the interface controller US-428
    Live-oriented audio software. Usine is a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilisation. Usine is made by musicians and audio engineers to respond to their...
    Seven useful VST plug-ins. UtilBag consists of several useful VST plugins: - Bitviewer is a little plugin that allows you to check the bit depth of the incoming audio stream, so you can...
    UVI Workstation
    Expander / sampler. UVI Workstation is a multi-timbral instrument that provides unlimited parts, integrated effects, live performance features, and a smooth real-time workflow....
    V.I Stereo to 5.1
    Stereo to 5.1 converter. V.I is a free VST plugin for designed to convert a stereo input to a 5.1 audio output. You can then save this data in a file and encode it into a surround sound...
    Virtual MIDI Keyboard. This application lets you simulate a midi keyboard on your computer qwerty keyboard. for laptop-users on the run tired of 'clicking' or 'drawing' their music in...
    V2 synth
    Substractive synth. 3 oscillators, 2 filters, 2 envelope generators, 2 LFOs, 16 part multi-timbral
    Frequency shifted delay. Bode-style frequency shifter + analog echo emulation = skull melting chaos. Perfect for dub, Dr. Who and all of your psychedelic needs. Sonic results range from...
    VariOS - USB Drivers
    USB Drivers for VariOS on mac OS X. USB Drivers for VariOS on mac OS X. Note : FreeMidi and OMS driver for OS 9 are avalaible on roland website. VariOS is an open-ended hardware/software...
    VariOS 303 Analog Modeling Bass Synth
    Tb-303 modelisation for variOS. Designed exclusively for VariOS, the VariOS 303 is an analog-modeled bass synth reminiscent of Roland's vintage TB-303. All the original controls are provided,...
    VariOS-8 Analog Modeling Synth
    Analog Modeling Synth for VariOS platform. Known for their warm rich sound, Roland's analog polysynths have been used by countless musicians. And now these sounds can be yours in the new VariOS-8—without...
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