Category Audio Production / Plug-Ins Hosts
Version 1.2
Format App
Compatibility V-StackMacOS X PPC
License Commercial Software
4.5 / 5 , 5 votes
Updated On Mar 15, 2004
Total Downloads 2,246
Mac Downloads 281
Category Audio Production / Plug-Ins Hosts
Format App
Compatibility V-StackWindows
License Commercial Software
4.5 / 5 , 5 votes
Updated On Sep 6, 2006
Total Downloads 2,246
PC Downloads 1,965

Virtual Instrument Rack for VST System Link

V-STACK is a 32-bit VST rack direct from the developers of the world-famous Virtual Studio Technology: that's pure VST power at your fingertips. The new version is ideal for any keyboarders who want to play their VST instruments live on stage – without having to buy a sequencer. Or you can use V-STACK to extend your VST System Link network by up to 16 virtual instruments you can play simultaneously – and optimize up with professional effects.
Power Mac G4 or higher (Power Mac G4 733 MHz or better recommended) 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended) Mac OS X Version 10.2.5 or higher Mac OS X Version 10.2.5 or higher
Windows XP Home or XP Professional Intel / AMD Prozessor 1.4 GHz minimum 512 MB RAM DVD drive required for installation Windows MME compatible audio hardware is required (ASIO compatible audio hardware required for low latency operation).
V-Stack V-Stack v Sep 6, 2006 Windows
Steinberg V-Stack V-Stack v 1.2 Aug 1, 2004 Windows
New Features
  • OSX version available

  • Ability to create master keyboard layers and splits by defining Lo/Hi keys and MIDI channel for each VSTi (see manual p.62)

  • Each VSTi can be transposed by octaves and semitones (see manual p.62)

  • Ability to set the tempo and signature for plugins and instruments (see manual p.54)

  • New transport panel with general transport functions for VST System Link and Rewire (manual p.54)

  • Mouse mode can now be switched between linear and circular (see manual p.147)

  • Rewire2 support

  • Fixes
  • When removing a VSTi from the instrument rack the MIDI settings (input-port+channel,
  • Steinberg
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    version 1.2, MacOS X PPC
    version 1.2, MacOS X PPC
    version 1.2, MacOS X PPC
    version 1.2, MacOS X PPC
    Is it very good
    version 1.2, MacOS X PPC
    I just bought it, impossible to instal it on my PowerBook equiped with Panther. Total silence from Steinberg.

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