Virtual analog synth. The oscillators, filters and envelopes closely model components found in some of the great monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear. Modules can be...
    Synthesizer. Diversion is a versatile, high quality software synthesizer, designed for use in any genre of professional electronic music production. Diversion takes the full...
    DK Virtual Drums
    Hot Sample Player and Step Sequencer. NUSofting DK+ is a powerful drum machine for VST. It offers 24 fully programmable drum pads, 6 output busses (3 stereo + 3 mono), an audio compressor/limiter for...
    DKS Pro
    Drum synth. DKS Pro joins the "classical" oscillator-based electronics drum synthesis approach with simple FM synthesis, physical modeling of the drum shell and a powerful...
    Flute. Physical modelled flute synthesizer. It features a vibrato LFO and a multimode resonant filter. It's not particularily flutey but makes some pretty strange and...
    Percussion synth. Hammered chromatic percussion sounds. It's capable of reproducing the sounds of xylophones, mbira and chimes as well as a swag of strange new sounds.
    Versatile Drum Machine. Doggiebox, a versatile drum machine for Mac OS X that empowers you to create and manipulate percussion-based songs. With Doggiebox, you can create drum tracks in...
    Virtual drum machine. DR-008 is a software instrument for generating and arranging drum and percussion sounds, one shot samples and rhythm patterns in your sequencing environment....
    Dragon II
    Analogue-substractive synth. 3 Dual oscillators with detune, 4 waveshapes, pulse width, sync, FM. Sub-oscillator. Noise generator. 3 LFOs with attack
    Substractive synth. Standard 2 oscillator VA synth with 3 different types of modulators
    Dream sequencer
    Substractive step synth. Host synchronized step sequencer for producing those simple deep bass sequences produced in the mid 70's by Tangerine Dream etc.
    Substractive synth. Uses 4 oscs and 4 for the phase mod, it has flanger/filter crosser or panner filter slicer and volume slicer and more than 64 presets
    Drone sound generator. The focus of this drone sound generator lies on a warm, ever evolving sound which still remains tonal playable. To be easy in useage, the interface is reduced to...
    Granular synth. Sample player that utilizes granular pitch shifting and sample slicing to play back a sample in new and unusual ways
    Drum Experience
    Drum sampler. Drum Experience is a drum sampler constructed to offer all possibilities to create, to process and change drum sounds in dramatic ways with sustained...
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