Bass Station
    Analog Modelling Synthesizer. Software Plug in instrument version of Bass Station Keyboard and Rack synthesizers - The front panel of the original Bass Station has been 3D modelled and...
    Drums player. Bassdrum sounds : kick, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Cowbell, Conga2, Conga1  
    Bass and lead synth. To celebrate World Music Day we give away this free plugin for everyone, who needs an easy to use synth for bass or lead sounds. BASSIMO delivers the standard VA...
    Substractive synth. Multimode filter with resonance, Envelope trigger/gating, Monophonic/Duophonic modes, Variable glide.
    Bass line synth. Features: - 2 oscillators. - LFO. - LP/HP/BP filters. - ADSR amp env.
    Bass instrument. Specifications - Powerfully simple interface - Stack Module synthesis - Easy To Use - Sophisticated Eq Overdrive - Advanced Automation - User friendly...
    FM synth. Bass lead - FM-based synth Multi routed ADSR - multi routed LFO Sync Built in delay
    Dynamic Drum Sounds. BATTERY breathes life into your drum samples. It boasts separate sound parameters for 54 Instruments, powerful modulation capabilities and an unbeatable ease of...
    Modular synthesizer. Bazille is a large modular system combining digital oscillators with analogue-style filters and modelled effects, with a flexibility that only modular patching...
    KickBass synthesizer. BazzISM produces the perfect KickBass for your dance tracks. If you built your basskicks up to now following the "infected kickdrum tutorial", you can get...
    Beat Morpher
    Drum machine. Sample playback drum machine when you specify start and end positions for each drum hit, then you can morph between the two patterns.
    Beats Working in Cuba
    Percussions from Cuba. - Huge library of world-class Latin percussion groove performances, recorded in Havana, featuring Cuba's finest percussionists, - Impeccable sound quality in...
    Groove machine. Part sound design tool and part audio engine, Beatstation brings the best aspects of musical creativity together in one EZ and powerful virtual instrument that...
    Bend Box
    Synthesizer. Bend Box is a software synthesizer that emulates a circuit-bending device. Can be useful for making experiments and for creating various noise FX. All knobs can...
    Acoustic drum library instrument. Ultra high quality disk streaming drum module, featuring multichannel-recorded acoustic drum hit multisamples from a selection of classic kits, plus some...
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