Categorie Production Audio / Expérimental
Version 3.3.4
Format AppAU
Compatibilité AudulusMacOS X Intel
Licence Logiciel Commercial
Prix $30  /  27€
Mis à jour le 18 mars 2017
Téléchargements 339
Télécharg. Mac 267
Categorie Production Audio / Expérimental
Version 3.1.3
Format App
Compatibilité AudulusWindows
Licence Logiciel Commercial
Prix $30  /  27€
Mis à jour le 30 avril 2016
Téléchargements 339
Télécharg. PC 72

Application de traitement audio modulaire

Audulus est une application de traitement audio modulaire minimaliste, adaptée autant au sound design expérimental qu'au jeu en live grâce à un traitement à faible latence.

Modules intégrés:
- Virtual Analog Oscillator (4 classic waveforms)
- ADSR Envelope
- Noise Generator
- Sample Player (coming soon to iPad)
- Mathematical Modules: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Sine, Modulo
- Random Number Generator
- MIDI controlled Keyboard
- MIDI assignable trigger
- 16-Step Sequencer
- Delay
- Distortion
- Low Pass Filter
- High Pass Filter
- Pitch Shifter
- Constant Value
- Gain
- Mapper Curve
- Piecewise-linear Spline Curve
- Sample and Hold
- Crossfade
- 4-Channel Mixer
- Level Meter
- Value Meter
- Scrolling Waveform Meter
- Input/Output
- Polyphonic to Monophonic signal mixer
- Global Time
- Sub-Patch
- Timer
- Zero-crossing Counter
- Audio Unit Plug-in (Mac Only)
- Math Expression Node (In-App Purchase Upgrade)
OS X 10.11 or later
Audulus Audulus v 3.3.4 18 mars 2017 MacOS X Intel
Audulus Audulus Audulus v 3.3.2 4 févr. 2017 MacOS X Intel
Fix a bug where Audulus could hang on certain MacBook Pros when switching from integrated graphics to discrete graphics. Many thanks to users Dirk L. and Steve S. for their help in fixing this one!
Audulus Audulus v 3.3 13 oct. 2016 MacOS X Intel
  • New Audio Engine! Thanks to FANCY ALGORITHMS, you can now use z-1 without slowing down your entire patch.

  • New Patch Library! A revamped patch library including some great new examples.
  • audio Audulus v 3.1.3 30 avril 2016 MacOS X Intel
  • Critical bug fix.
  • traitement Audulus v 3.1 9 mars 2016 MacOS X Intel
  • Switch to using the native system menu for a context menu.

  • Esc key now exits sub-patches.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • meter Audulus v 3.0 2 janv. 2016 MacOS X Intel
    Audulus 3 now comes with nearly 100 Synth Modules arranged in the brand-new Module Library.

    For Audulus Mac/Windows, users can also add and edit metadata from a pull-down menu, and the patches in the library are kept organized in menu subfolders.

    Some other new features of Audulus 3 include a lasso tool, a new RGB light node with variable brightness, a pitch bend node, and a multi-line text node. Also, all meters are now exposable on sub-patch UIs.
    modules Audulus v 2.9 30 oct. 2014 MacOS X Intel
  • Non-Modal context menu on iPad. The menu won’t interfere with turning a knob.

  • Reduced memory usage for making huge patches.

  • Updated AudioBus

  • Improved AudioUnit support on Mac

  • By user request: add a Toggle option for the Trigger node.
  • generator Audulus v 2.8 24 mai 2014 MacOS X Intel
    The Audulus graphics system is getting a big update in Audulus 2.8! 60fps for most patches (!!) and the UI will never get blurry when you zoom way in.
    telecharger Audulus v 2.6 6 févr. 2014 MacOS X Intel
    Audulus 2.6 adds three new nodes: FeedbackDelay, Mux8, and Demux8.

    FeedbackDelay allows you to control where a delay occurs in a feedback loop. Because a feedback loop creates a circular dependency between nodes, a delay must be introduced. Audulus indicates where the delay is by showing a "z" on a delayed input. By inserting a FeedbackDelay node in a feedback loop, the delay will be moved to the FeedbackDelay node, allowing you to control precisely where the delay occurs.

    Mux8 and Demux8 are 8-way multiplexers and demultiplexers (respectively). Mux8's selector input ("sel") controls which of the 8 inputs is routed to the output. Demux8's selector input controls which of the 8 outputs receives the signal from the input. Both nodes are part of the new Switch Pack upgrade.
    mac Audulus v 2.5 17 déc. 2013 MacOS X Intel
    Audulus 2.5 adds a new in-app-purchase upgrade: Custom Nodes.

    The Custom Nodes upgrade allows you to add customized user interface to Patch Nodes. A user interface element (Knob, Input, Ouptut, Filter Graph, etc.) in a sub-patch may be shown on the Patch Node by selecting "Expose" from the element's context menu. An element's position on the Patch Node is determined by its position in the sub-patch.

    Custom nodes are made for sharing! Even if you haven't purchased the Custom Nodes upgrade, you can still use custom nodes built by others.

    With the Custom Nodes upgrade, you can build the modular synth modules of your dreams, and beyond!

    Also in 2.5:

  • Add new DSP node category.

  • Add DCBlocker node in DSP category - requested by forum user BTL.

  • Move HighPass and LowPass nodes to DSP category.

  • Make sync behavior consistent on all oscillators - thanks to forum user whitemix for pointing this out!
  • Audulus Audulus v 3.1.3 30 avril 2016 Windows
  • Critical bug fix.
  • Audulus Audulus Audulus v 3.1 9 mars 2016 Windows
    Audulus Audulus v 2.10.1 27 déc. 2014 Windows
    Includes 32-bit versions, reduced OpenGL requirement to 2.0.
    audio Audulus v 2.9 23 déc. 2014 Windows
    First Windows release
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