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Version 2.2.1
Format App
Compatibilité AudioMateMacOS X Intel
Licence Logiciel Gratuit
Prix Gratuit
Mis à jour le 22 mars 2015
Téléchargements 579
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Gestionnaire audio

AudioMate permet de contrôler vos différentes interfaces audio depuis la barre de menu, et de recevoir des notifications lors de modifications.
OS X 10.8 or later.
AudioMate AudioMate v 2.2.1 22 mars 2015 MacOS X Intel
ENHANCED Disabled popover transparency in OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
FIXED Fixed volume control drawing in highlighted state in OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
TroikaLabs AudioMate AudioMate v 2.2 8 mars 2015 MacOS X Intel
Latest Version Reduced memory usage and app size.
Improved Russian localization.
Removed dependency on Growl.
Updated copyright, web/social links, and internal namespace to reference 9Labs.
NOTE: AudioMate now requires OS X 10.8 or later.
TroikaLabs AudioMate v 1.4 6 mai 2014 MacOS X Intel
Added "Match system's default audio output device" item to device information to show on status bar list per popular request.
audio AudioMate v 1.3.5 1 avril 2014 MacOS X Intel
Fixed that popup window could be closed while preferences sheet was still open.
telecharger AudioMate v 1.3 23 janv. 2014 MacOS X Intel
New: Device actions. Automatically change the volume, sample rate, or clock source to a desired value when a device is connected.
New: Preferences is now displayed as a popover's sheet.
New: Play feedback sound when changing master output volume (user-definable setting).
New: System notifications can now be enabled or disabled individually.
New: Added Spanish, Simplified Chinese (????), Traditional Chinese (????), and Japanese (???) localizations.
New: Greatly improved Keyboard Accessibility throughout the app's user interface.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.
mac AudioMate v 1.2.7 21 janv. 2014 MacOS X Intel
New: On first launch, the system's device used for sound output is automatically set as the device to show in the status bar.
New: The application can move itself to the Applications folder if it is launched from a different location (i.e. a dmg volume).
windows AudioMate v 1.2 6 déc. 2013 MacOS X Intel
New Changed: New application icon and logo
Added: master output volume control
Added: master output volume and mute state notifications
Enhanced: Status bar information can simultaneously display the sample rate together with: 1) the master output volume (in 3 different formats: dB, percentage, and graphical) or 2) the clock source of the selected audio device.
macintosh AudioMate v 1.1.4 17 mars 2013 MacOS X Intel
Adding missing retina resolution artwork
pc AudioMate v 1.1.3 8 mars 2013 MacOS X Intel
New [BUG FIX] Fixed crash upon launch when an audio device does not report latency

Adding support for setting the audio device's clock source

Minor cosmetic enhancements

Display audio device input and output channel layout
Display audio device input and output latency
Allow changing the default input, output, and system output device

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