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Version 5.6.2
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Mis à jour le 7 janv. 2017
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Studio virtuel modulaire

DarkWave Studio est un studio virtuel modulaire, qui vous permet de connecter entre eux différents modules comme des instruments ou des effets. DarkWave supporte les instruments et effets VST ainsi que les plug-ins DarkPlug API spécialement conçus pour l'application.
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
DarkWave Studio DarkWave Studio v 5.6.2 7 janv. 2017 Windows
Added a new machine called 'ES DownStepper' which is a sample rate reduction filter.
ExperimentalScene DarkWave Studio DarkWave Studio v 4.9.5 9 sept. 2015 Windows
Added support for MIDI messages other than note on, note off, and control change.
ExperimentalScene DarkWave Studio v 4.5.2 16 févr. 2015 Windows
Fixed A Bug With The 8-Bit Audio Output Code Which Caused Severe Distortion.
studio DarkWave Studio v 4.1.7 10 avril 2013 Windows
Changed ES Mixer Machine To Use Same Volume Indicators As The Programs Main Toolbar.
instruments DarkWave Studio v 4.1.6 17 déc. 2012 Windows
Drop Menu Controls Now Check The Selected Item.
darkwave DarkWave Studio v 4.1.5 14 déc. 2012 Windows
Drop Menu Controls Now Check The Selected Item.
effets DarkWave Studio v 4.1.4 11 déc. 2012 Windows
The Master Volume In The Main Tool Bar Is Now Persisted Between Sessions.
virtuel DarkWave Studio v 4.1.3 7 déc. 2012 Windows
Fixed Bug In New Drop List Controls Which Replaced Combo Boxes.
telecharger DarkWave Studio v 4.1.1 15 nov. 2012 Windows
Fixed A Bug Causing Portamento And Glide Features In ES BassHead (A Subtractive Synthesizer Bundled With DarkWave Studio) To Work Incorrectly.
mac DarkWave Studio v 4.0.10 2 nov. 2012 Windows
Fixed A Bug In ES BassHead Stopping The Formant Filter (Vocal Effect) From Working.
Included A Sample Project File Titled 'BassHead Formant Filter.dwp' To Demonstrate The Formant Filter In Action.
windows DarkWave Studio v 4.0.9 3 oct. 2012 Windows
Duplicate Pattern Including Both Notes And Control Tracks.
Transpose Pattern Notes Up Or Down One Semitone Or Row.
macintosh DarkWave Studio v 4.0.8 30 sept. 2012 Windows
Improved Timing Accuracy For Null (Silent) Audio Output Driver.
pc DarkWave Studio v 4.0.7 29 sept. 2012 Windows
Fixed A Bug In ES DGenR8 Which Caused DarkWave Studio And VST Hosts To Crash When The Number Of Samples Processed Per Block Were Changed.
DarkWave Studio v 4.0.6 1 sept. 2012 Windows
Updated Visual C++ 2010 Express To Service Pack 1.
Ported VST PlugIns AntiAlias, DGenR8 And SpatialVerb To Visual C++ From NetBeans And GCC.
Fixed A Bug In AntiAlias VST Which Caused The GUI To Incorrectly Show 2x Oversampling When It Is Set To A Different Amount After Closing The GUI And Opening It Again.
DarkWave Studio v 4.0.5 22 août 2012 Windows
Fixed A Program Hang Which Sometimes Occurred When Loading A Project If A Project Is Already Open.
DarkWave Studio v 4.0.4 1 août 2012 Windows
Fixed Race Conditions Causing Intermittent Crashes Reading And Writing Control Message Buffers.
DarkWave Studio v 4.0.3 31 juil. 2012 Windows
Fixed Main ToolBar Master Volume ToolTip Display To Read Correct Level In Decibels.
DarkWave Studio v 4.0.2 29 juil. 2012 Windows
Master Volume Slider In Main ToolBar Now Sets Volume To Complete Silence When Moved Completely To The Left.
Added A New Sample DarkWave Project Called 'RaveTech.dwp'.
DarkWave Studio v 4.0.1 12 juil. 2012 Windows
Fixed Bug Reading Control Tracks In Projects Written By v3.9.7 And Earlier Of The Program. Projects Written By v4.0.0 Will Not Load Projects With Control Tracks Properly Due To A Project Writing Bug In v4.0.0.
DarkWave Studio v 4.0.0 27 juin 2012 Windows
Converted Project From NetBeans IDE And MinGW GCC To Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 And Windows SDK 7.1.
Removed OpenASIO (This Was Only Required For GCC To Work With ASIO).
Added DirectSound Output Support (This Is Enabled By Default For New Installations).
Fixed A Bug In The Reading Of The Native Machine Control Message Buffer Which Could Crash The Program.
DarkWave Studio v 3.9.7 13 juin 2012 Windows
Added Desktop Shortcut Creation Function To Installer.
DarkWave Studio v 3.9.6 8 juin 2012 Windows
Fixed Mute Button In Mixer From Staying Lit.
Updated Project To NetBeans IDE 7.1.2.
Fix Mixer Buttons From Sticking.
DarkWave Studio v 3.9.4 7 juin 2012 Windows
Fixed A Bug In The ASIO Audio Output Module Which Didn't Report The Correct Sample Rate To The Rest Of The Program When Changing Sample Rate In The Audio Out Options Dialog. This Caused Wrong Timing And Pitch.
Further Improved Machine To Machine Connection Mixing Speed With SSE2 64-Bit Floating Point Algorithm.
DarkWave Studio v 3.9.3 1 juin 2012 Windows
Restored Code To Check For And Zero Denormalized Floating Point Numbers.
Improved Speed Of Machine To Machine Audio Port Mixing Routines.
DarkWave Studio v 3.9.2 31 mai 2012 Windows
Updated Installer Integrated OpenCandy.
DarkWave Studio v 3.9.1 14 mai 2012 Windows
Fixed Failure To Assign Project File Name And Window Title When Loading A Project From The Command Line.
Added A Sample Project File Called PsyRave.dwp.
DarkWave Studio v 3.9.0 25 avril 2012 Windows
Fixed Bottom Row Title Column Flicker In Sequence Editor.
DarkWave Studio v 3.8.9 11 avril 2012 Windows
Changed in v3.8.9 of DarkWave Studio:
Fixed Drawing Glitches In Sequence Editor.

New in v3.8.8 of DarkWave Studio:
Fixed Timing Bug With Sequencer And Arpeggiator Which Caused Dropped Notes.
DarkWave Studio v 3.8.7 2 févr. 2012 Windows
Improved Scheduling With Higher Application And Machine Work Thread Priority.
DarkWave Studio v 3.8.6 12 janv. 2012 Windows
Add Machine Menu Was Not Being Grouped By PlugIn Format And Folder. Fixed By Changing GCC Optimization Back To -O2 From -O3.
DarkWave Studio v 3.8.5 3 janv. 2012 Windows
Improved MIDI Input And Output Timing.
Increased GCC Optimization Level From -O2 To -O3.
Changed About Box Graphic.
DarkWave Studio v 3.8.4 30 déc. 2011 Windows
Fixed A Crash Loading Project With Missing PlugIns.
Fixed Incorrect Storing Of VST PlugIn Unique ID.
Added A Warning When Saving A Project That Was Written In An Older File Format To The Current Version Of The Program.
DarkWave Studio v 3.8.3 20 déc. 2011 Windows
Fixed Problems With VST PlugIns With A Non-Unique UniqueID By Loading Of Correct Machine By Comparing PlugIn Name When Loading A Project. The Project File Format Has Changed To Support This And So Older Versions Of DarkWave Studio Will Not Be Able To Load Projects Saved By This Version.
Fixed Playing Of Notes With The Mouse With The Pattern Editor Not Responding To Quick Successive Clicks.
Fixed A Bug In The WaveOut Driver Of The 64 Bit Version Which May Have Caused Crashes Or Inability To Play Audio Output On Some Systems.
DarkWave Studio v 3.6.6 5 sept. 2011 Windows
Improved ASIO Output Support Compatibility, In Particular Detection And Selection Of Supported SampleRates.
DarkWave Studio v 3.6.4 27 août 2011 Windows
Added A New Bundled Machine Called ES StereoSplitter Which Splits A Stereo Signal Into Left And Right Mono Signals. A Sample Project Titled "StereoSplitter" Is Included To Demonstrate The PlugIn.
DarkWave Studio v 3.6.1 11 juil. 2011 Windows
Added A New Bundled Bit Reducer PlugIn Called ES Crunch. It Allows You To Reduce The Number Of Bits Per Sample From 16 To 1 Bits. A Sample Project Titled "Crunch" Is Included To Demonstrate The PlugIn.
DarkWave Studio v 3.5.7 7 juin 2011 Windows
* Fixed Non-Display Of Tracking ToolTips In 64-bit Version.
* When Adding A Control Change In The Pattern Editor The Tracking ToolTip Displays Immediately And You May Adjust The Control Change Vertically Straight Away.
* Better Handling Of Loading Projects Using Machines Which Are Not Loaded.
DarkWave Studio v 3.5.0 28 avril 2011 Windows
* New Graphics For Following PlugIns: AntiAlias, Arpeggiator, BassHead, DGenR8, Mixer, SpatialVerb.
* New Graphics For DarkWave Studio's About Box.
* Fixed Graphics Bug Causing Control Borders To Not Draw Properly.
DarkWave Studio v 3.3.6 11 avril 2011 Windows
* Fixed A Bug In The Pattern Editor Where Notes Would Be Drawn Over The Keys At The Left.
* Fixed A Bug In The Pattern Editor Where The Sequencer Play Bar Would Display At The Start Of The Pattern When Not Playing.
* Fixed A Bug In The Sequencer Where A Deleted Pattern Could Be Added To The Sequence If It Was Selected In The Sequencer When Deleted From The Pattern Editor.
DarkWave Studio v 3.1.9 16 déc. 2010 Windows
Major Changes / Bug Fixes for ES QuadDelay:

* Filter Now Low-Pass.
* Fixed Filter-Cutoff LFO Problems (LFO Amp & LFO Rate Were Not Set Properly).
* Fixed Comb Filter Delay Offset Bug (Caused Major Problems With Echo Effect).
DarkWave Studio v 3.1.3 20 oct. 2010 Windows
* Added New Machine: 'ES ControlChange Mapper'. This Allows You To Map Incoming Control Changes (for example from ES MIDI Input) From One Index To Another. Supports Automatic Training Of Input Index Upon Receipt Of Input Control Change Message.
* Machine 'Default GUI' Now Shows Each Parameter's Index Value (Helps For Knowing The Output Mapping Value For ES ControlChange Mapper).

* Updated OpenCandy.
* Enabled Link Time Code Generation / Whole Program Optimization.
DarkWave Studio v 3.1.1 10 oct. 2010 Windows
* Added Start Menu Item To Clear DarkWave Studio's Options
* Added Function To Uninstaller To Clear DarkWave Studio's Options
DarkWave Studio v 3.1.0 27 sept. 2010 Windows
* Fixed Problems With Selection Mode With A Pattern That Has Been Scrolled Horizontally
* Fixed Column Width Of Control Change Tracks To Match That Of The Note View
* Disabled Moving Of Machines Off The Top And/Or Left Edge Of The Studio Screen
* Changed Way Of Selecting Pattern And Note Lengths From Combo Boxes To UpDown Controls
* Added Ability To Resize Existing Patterns
* When Drawing A New Note The Pattern Editor Automatically Goes Straight Into Resize Mode, Allowing Quicker Entry Of Varying Length Notes
* Default New Note Length Is Now Set To The Value 1
DarkWave Studio v 3.0.7 14 sept. 2010 Windows
Added 'Select Mode' to Pattern Editor allowing Copy & Paste of Pattern Notes.
DarkWave Studio v 3.0.6 16 juil. 2010 Windows
* Set Velocity To 1.0 (Max) By Default In Control Track For Velocity
* Added Support For MIDI Input To Receive Control Change Messages
* Added Support For MIDI Output To Send Control Change Messages
* ES MIDI Input Machine Allows For Choice Of All MIDI Channels Or An Individual MIDI Channel (1 to 16)
* ES MIDI Output Machine Allows For Choice Of An Individual Output MIDI Channel (1 to 16)
* Fixed A Bug In The Control Track Editor Causing It To Go Into Value Adjust Mode When Mouse Placed Near The Bottom Of An Empty Track
* Changed About Box Graphics
DarkWave Studio v 3.0.4 23 juin 2010 Windows
Added ES MIDI Output machine, now you can play MIDI synthesizers with DarkWave Studio.
DarkWave Studio v 3.0.0 3 févr. 2010 Windows
OpenCandy Offer Integration

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