Categorie Production Audio / Editeurs et Enregistreurs Audio
Format App
Compatibilité WavosaurMacOS X Intel
Licence Logiciel Gratuit
Prix Gratuit
Mis à jour le 25 avril 2014
Téléchargements 3 684
Télécharg. Mac 478
Categorie Production Audio / Editeurs et Enregistreurs Audio
Format App
Compatibilité WavosaurWindows
Licence Logiciel Gratuit
Prix Gratuit
Mis à jour le 26 févr. 2017
Téléchargements 3 684
Télécharg. PC 3 206

éditeur audio et hôte VST

Wavosaur est un éditeur audio gratuit permettant d'enregistrer et d'éditer vos échantillons sonores. Il supporte les effets VST que vous pouvez chaîner à volonté. Wavosaur est aussi contrôlable par MIDI: vous pouvez commander les principales fonctions du logiciel depuis une surface de contrôle MIDI.
Wavosaur Wavosaur v 25 avril 2014 MacOS X Intel
First mac release
Wavosaur Wavosaur v 26 févr. 2017 Windows
  • Discover new Wavosaur Widgets: Widgets are plugings completely dockable windows with high performance measurements for various audio parameters:

  • Real time ouput FFT (multichannel)
    RMS power measurements
    Scope mode for output signal visualization
    Panning for stereo analysis

  • Lot's of bug corrections/optimizations x86 & x64 bits

  • + Channel processing
  • Auxiliary left and auxiliary right channel convertion to mono

  • Convertion to mono optimized with mix of only selected channels

  • New "Select all" feature on right click

  • New FXP and FXB management with strong support of Steinberg VST program and bank files
  • Wavosaur Wavosaur Wavosaur v 3 déc. 2013 Windows
    + 64 bit version : Wavosaur now runs natively on 64 bit Windows systems, and load 64 bit VST plugins, the 32 bit version of Wavosaur is also available
    + VST Host bugfix : fixed bug with "input pin", it was causing "Izotope" VST plugins to stop working
    Wavosaur Wavosaur v 2 juil. 2013 Windows
    + New VST Host:
  • VST is now full compliant with 2.4 Steinberg SDK

  • VST Host lots of bugs fixed

  • Scan options added: VSti filter, sub directories, add VST to the current list

  • Suppression of items inside the VST list

  • New VST rack and list visualisation

  • Drag and drop between list and rack, and inside the rack

  • VSTi different icons between instruments and effects

  • Apply bug fixed

  • Batch processor bug fixed for VST Chain feature

  • + Audio input:
  • New record menu

  • Hot plug support

  • buffer loses bug fixed

  • visual indication during recording: duration indication and record button blinking

  • + Audio ouput:
  • hot plug of audio devices support

  • Volume dialog updated with purcentage display

  • + Vumeter:
  • more precise display for 30dB scale

  • 120dB scale added

  • Display options: thin, medium and large

  • Color change

  • Audio critical section added to improve stability

  • Buffer out block size up to 4096 samples

  • Cfg file format change (always editable in text editor like notepad)

  • Auto update check added: this option could be deactivated in configuration dialog box

  • Aiff file bug fixed

  • DC remover selection bug fixed
  • pouvez Wavosaur v 28 déc. 2012 Windows
    Frequency editor:
  • New memory manager: different type of curves (channel, buffer size) are displayed

  • New FFT computation, with selection of buffer size

  • zoom in zoom out with button, mouse and keyboard

  • navigation inside the wave file with keyboard and toolbar

  • Find peak tool

  • Open and save as feature to load and write computation files to hard drive

  • Selection bug fixed

  • New Sonogram:
  • Saturation level added

  • Window is now stand alone

  • Window is resizable

  • Windowing, data size, et FFT buffer size are configurable in a new dialog

  • Effects:
  • New high performance filter added: with new dialog box for customizations of frequency, type and precision

  • Band pass and notch recursive filter with new dialogbox for property choice

  • more :
  • VST GUI dialog box size bug fixed

  • VST properties diplayed in the VST rack manager

  • High precision FFT pitch shift added in process menu

  • Color configuration added: all the colors of Wavosaur are modifiable

  • Volume dialog box is now dockable in the right or the left corners of the mainframe

  • Print preview and printing available

  • SOR file bug fixed

  • Master volume reset bug fixed
  • contr Wavosaur v 6 nov. 2012 Windows
    VST update:
  • VST host interface changed

  • Arrows added to change the position of the VST

  • new button disposition at the left of the dialog box

  • Support for deprecated VST Idle message increased

  • MP3 import:
  • Mp3 decoder optimization

  • RAM usage during import

  • file decoding improved

  • Real time sonogram: saturation level could be change with mouse wheel

  • 3D frequency editor: mouse wheel support added for zoom in/out

  • Frequency editor:
  • New windows with status bar and tool bar

  • Window can be toogled to mainframe

  • Cursor added with mouse control

  • Lowercase file name bug fixed

  • time bar display changed:
  • minute format added

  • dynamic display

  • New dialogbox for new file: possibility to choose duration or sample number

  • Synthesis: new dialog box with note choice with octave and semitone choice

  • New tool: note frequency calculator
  • diteur Wavosaur v 23 janv. 2012 Windows
    + batch processor has been entirely rewritten.
  • subdirectories are now processed too

  • RAM usage optimized

  • Memory leak removed

  • CPU usage improvements

  • + minor bugfixes

    + VST:
  • VST plugin compatibility improved

  • Fixed crash with some VST plugins when scanning

  • Popup menu added on time bar (right click) to change time format

  • Resample check box memorized
  • audio Wavosaur v 8 juin 2009 Windows
  • Display engine ram usage optimized

  • Memory leakage removed

  • Paste mono is now supported for multichannel files

  • + Export file as binary added:
  • 8,16,24,32,64 bits support, float, pcm and little and big endian

  • no header or chunk added, just raw datas

  • + New 3D frequency editor:
  • independent window with menu, toolbar and status bar

  • new 3D and color representation

  • increase computation speed and display

  • mouse support to rotate the current view

  • zoom in/out

  • Time format (time bar and status bar) is now global and saved in cfg file

  • + VST:
  • VST host tempo added in editor configuration dialog box

  • VST rack slot full replaced by replacing command

  • Various icon bugs fixed

  • SamplePos now supported (VstTimeInfo)

  • Amplitude zoom short cut added Ctrl+up or down arrow

  • + Undo:
  • unlimited undo!

  • behavior and ram usage improved

  • lots of action are now "undoable": marker and loop position, volume enveloppe etc.

  • Bit depth converter dialog box bug fixed

  • Save and Save as engine recoded

  • Modified flag added: reminder dialog box is now after file modifications (option still exist to deactivate, but only for advanced user)

  • Unlimited marker number
  • telecharger Wavosaur v 1.0 15 déc. 2006 Windows

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