par Andyvn
Categorie Education et composition / Reference
Version 5.1
Format App
Compatibilité AquallegroMacOS X UB
Licence Logiciel Gratuit
Prix Gratuit
Mis à jour le 29 déc. 2009
Téléchargements 7 998
Télécharg. Mac 7 998

Apprentissage de la théorie musicale

Aquallegro permet d'apprendre des notions de théorie musicale : lecture de notes dans différentes clefs, reconnaissance de tonalité, reconnaissance d'accords et d'intervalles à l'oreille, connaissance du clavier.
10.5 (Leopard)
Aquallegro Aquallegro v 5.1 29 déc. 2009 MacOS X UB
Released on 2009-12-29.
* Added a "Require octave" option in Aural Skills - Note Names
* Fixed a bug that could cause confusing messages to appear in Aural Skills - Note Names
* Fixed a bug that prevented users from setting a preference
* In Aural Skills - Solfege, reluctantly added an option for la-based minor

Released on 2009-12-24.
* The Aural Skills - Note Names module now has checkboxes for each pitch.
* Added keyboard shortcuts for the "Play" buttons in Aural Skills quizzes
* Added choice of "either" for initial plays harmonic/melodic
* Aquallegro now counts the initial play of an Aural Skills quiz
* Added more flexibility in tempo max/min for tempo module
* Added more flexible options for typing answers in the Notation - Scales quiz
* Ionian and Aeolian now say "(Major)" and "(Minor)" even in the actual quiz windows
* Average time now only changes after a question is answered
* Accidentals are now used in the Aural Skills - Note Names module
* Added choice of infinite for number of guesses allowed
* Times are now accurate to the nearest tenth of a second
* Fixed a bug that could cause the administrative password not to update when changed
* Improved Preferences interface
* Chords played harmonically are now twice as long
* Fixed a bug in Keyboard - Notes which caused a very annoying intermittent drawing error.
* Fixed a bug in Aural Skills - Note Names which might have caused answers to be incorrectly scored.
Andyvn Aquallegro Aquallegro v 4.7 24 août 2008 MacOS X UB
* Aural Skills - Solfege: Modes no longer change between playings, even if 'Keep each question in one key' is unchecked
* Aural Skills - Chords: Fixed a bug which could cause crashes with some inversion choices
* Notation - Intervals: Fixed a bug which could cause accidentals to display incorrectly
* Aural Skills - Solfege: Fixed a bug which could cause correct answers of 'ti' to be marked incorrect if 'allow nondiatonic notes' is checked
Andyvn Aquallegro v 4.6 24 août 2007 MacOS X UB
  • Added Aural Skills - Tempos module

  • Aural Skills - Chords: Added 9th chords, improved interface

  • Aural Skills - Chords: Extended chords now use correct jazz voicings

  • Aural Skills - Scales: Added Blues and Arabic, improved interface

  • Aural Skills - Note Names: Added support for MIDI keyboards

  • Notation - Intervals: Improved answer parsing

  • Notation - Scales: Fixed a serious bug for theoretical scales

  • Aural Skills - Solfege: Fixed incorrect terminology in the setup window

  • Improved help files

  • Rewrote MIDI code for better performance and to accommodate improvements

  • Rewrote question code to accommodate future improvements

  • Aquallegro now uses the Mersenne Twister to generate random numbers; questions are much more random

  • Improved preferences layout for all modules

  • Added two decimal points to average answer time

  • Much better experience for first-time users

  • Improved MIDI listening

  • Fixed a small reviewing bug

  • Improved file handling

  • Fixed a menu order issue
  • musicale Aquallegro v 4.5 6 janv. 2007 MacOS X UB
  • Added Notation - Terms module

  • Aural Skills - Solfege module now uses proper voice leading when establishing key

  • Notation - Intervals: fixed a bug that made it impossible to quiz on only Perfect/Major/Minor intervals

  • Aural Skills - Note Names: added option to play random notes between questions

  • Added ability to answer quizzes using a numeric keypad

  • Added module icons to 'Go to Module' and 'Start Quiz' menus

  • Added ability to use the 'Go to Module' and 'Start Quiz' toolbar items when in a menu
  • reconnaissance Aquallegro v 4.4 1 nov. 2006 MacOS X UB
  • Completely new scoring interface

  • Added timed questions and related options (including logging)

  • Added option to review a question after knowing the answer

  • Added Notation - Intervals module

  • Added a 'Practice' button in addition to the Help button, so the practice windows can be opened individually
  • Rewrote all engraving for better performance

  • Improved loading times

  • Aural Skills - Tuning: fixed a grammar error
  • telecharger Aquallegro v 4.3 3 oct. 2006 MacOS X UB
  • Aural Skills - Tuning: rewrote entire interface for more simplicity

  • Aural Skills - Tuning: added a "Use just intonation" option

  • Improved various help sections

  • Notation - Beats: fixed a bug with the help window
  • mac Aquallegro v 4.2 20 sept. 2006 MacOS X UB
  • Aural Skills - Intervals: Intervals in the quiz can now be played upwards or downwards (and in the help window, as well)

  • Added a little more information in the help for Aural Skills - Intervals

  • Aural Skills - Tuning: You can now tune notes to intervals other than a perfect unison

  • Fixed a bug in Aural Skills - Tuning that would cause questions to be counted correct, even if the number of guesses was over the limit

  • Fixed a bug in Aural Skills - Tuning that would cause the "Correct" window not to show up

  • Fixed a bug in Aural Skills - Tuning that would cause answers to be unfairly marked incorrect
  • windows Aquallegro v 4.1 12 juin 2006 MacOS X UB
  • module de solfège - notation

  • fenêtre clavier 49 touches

  • correction de bugs
  • macintosh Aquallegro v 4.0 4 juin 2006 MacOS X UB
    Fonctionne nativement sur processeurs Intel
    réécriture complète pour une meilleure stabilité
    nouvelle interface plus simple d'utilisation
    possibilités accrues de personnalisation
    entrée MIDI
    nouvelles fonctions administratives pour enseignants
    nouveaux quizz
    pc Aquallegro v 3.1 11 oct. 2004 MacOS X PPC

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