Categorie Education et composition / Partitions et tablatures
Version 9.0
Format App
Compatibilité LimeMacOS X PPC
Licence Logiciel Commercial
Prix $65  /  58€
Mis à jour le 14 mars 2010
Téléchargements 1 175
Télécharg. Mac 1 175

Notation musicale

Logiciel de notation musicale écrit par Lippold Haken et Dorothea Blostein.
Lime Lime v 9.0 14 mars 2010 MacOS X PPC
  • Staccatissimo symbol added to PianoWindow staccato selection and to Marl font

  • Backslash expressions \alt+ \alt-

  • Import MusicXML

  • Sheet music scanning integrated into Lime

  • Export MusicXML

  • New procedure for producing high-quality PDFs using Mac OSX

  • Braille editing and embossing, for sighted and unsighted users.

  • Clear Graphical Alignment (removes OMR alignment information for red rests)

  • Shift key for Piano Window keyboard equivalents

  • Next Rhythm Error

  • Show OMR Image

  • Additional Slur

  • Grace Slur (slur to nachschlag)

  • Press Escape to stop Hear option

  • Clef: Graphic Change Only (for correcting OMR clef errors)

  • Key Signature: Graphic Change Only (for correcting OMR key signature errors)

  • Key Signature: Use this Key for Remainder of Piece

  • Position Lock for Annotations

  • Do Not Interpret for Annotations

  • Nesting tuplets is now explicitly supported in the tuplet dialog

  • Red rests and other new sheet music scanning and OMR features.
  • CERL Sound Group Lime Lime v 8.0 8 avril 2004 MacOS X PPC
    CERL Sound Group Lime v 8.0 7 avril 2004 MacOS 9
    CERL Sound Group
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