Categorie Production Audio / Trackeurs
Version 5.9.8
Format App
Compatibilité PlayerProCarbon (OS 9+10)
Licence Logiciel Gratuit
Prix Gratuit
3.7 / 5 , 4 votes
Mis à jour le 13 oct. 2003
Téléchargements 2 855
Télécharg. Mac 2 855


PlayerPro est un "Tracker" permettant de lire, d'éditer, les fichiers MOD. Il reconnait un grand nombre de fichiers MOD et posséde plusieurs modes d'éditions pour les créer et les éditer.
PlayerPro PlayerPro v 5.9.8 13 oct. 2003 Carbon (OS 9+10)
Depuis la version 5.9.6, ce logiciel est devenu un freeware.

Le code source est disponible sur le site.
Quadmation Incorporated

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version 5.9.8, Carbon (OS 9+10)
Download link is dead as at june 7, 2005.
version 5.9.8, Carbon (OS 9+10)
PlayerPRO resurrection
I have activated the PlayerPRO sourceforge site and restored the VersionTracker page: 
The site now hosts the app and the source code: 
I am also going to upload a few older files. 
PlayerPRO will receive a series of bug fixes up to v 
and will coexist with the PlayerPRO 6 branch for a while. 
I have been hard at work on 
- removed the serial number authorisation requirement 
- debugging the UMX import/export plug-in 
- changed the About Box to reflect the new version and nature 
- modified the documentation to reflect its Open Source, Public Domain nature and changed all site references to SourceForge 
I will complete the initial CVS import right after is ready 
- I am finally getting a working QTMA export plugin to work, but this will probably have a long beta cycle 
- I am also working on a sleek website for which will contain a polished version of the old v5 documentation and the road map and design of the new v6 
Sandro Bilbeisi 
version 5.9.8, Carbon (OS 9+10)
This application is not free! You will not be able to save your music. Costs $76.00.
version 5.9.8, Carbon (OS 9+10)
It was good when it was new, it's open source now, check out
Hopefully someone will pick it up and make something good out of it.
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