Créateur de logiciels innovants pour production et interprétation musicale.

Logiciels par BeepStreet

Synthétiseur à modélisation analogique. Synthétiseur monophonique compact à modélisation analogique.
Synthétiseur soustractif. - moteur de synthèse exclusif avec polyphonie de 24 voix et faible charge processeur - deux oscillateurs avec formes d'onde multiples, hard-sync, et modulation...

Applications iPhone/iPad par BeepStreet

GyroSynth is a finalist in 'Most Innovative App' category at the 2010 Best App Ever Awards (148apps). GyroSynth is a gesture driven music synthesizer, which...
* "Without doubt the most powerful and genuinely useful percussion app on the App Store right now" Computer Music * Reached the #1 paid music app in 5 countries...
iSequence is one of the most powerful music creation studio designed exclusively for iPad. Thanks to intuitive 8-track sequencer, tons of instruments, flexible...
"This really is the synth that keeps on giving! Inspiration and intuition truly blend together in this musical instrument." Alan Parsons Sunrizer Synth is a...
* Sunrizer is now available on the Mac and PC, check our website for more info Sunrizer XS synth is a virtual analog synthesizer that takes the definition of...
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