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Développement de logiciels de composition et d'arrangement dont Band in a box

Logiciels par PG Music

Accompagnement Musical Intelligent. Band-in-a-Box génère automatiquement des arrangements professionels complets de piano, basse, batterie, guitare et cordes dans divers styles. Il suffit de...

Applications iPhone/iPad par PG Music

Band-in-a-Box for iPhone is a program that works as a client to your existing copy of Band-in-a-Box allowing you to play, generate and transfer your songs...
BB Remote is "Band-in-a-Box Remote Control" - a remote control for the desktop Band-in-a-Box for Windows program. Important: You need to have version 2011.5 or...
Allows you to control the desktop version of RealBand for Windows remotely via WiFi, or over the internet. RealBand is PG Music's arranging, sequencing, and...
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