Substractive synth. Based on ARP's legendary semi-modular analog monosynth! This amazing softsynth sounds very close to the original ARP 2600. Like the original, it's a monosynth...
    Arp-synth. A hybrid phase distortion arp-synth with two crossfading oscillator sections, part VA, part phase distortion. Equipt with an onboard dual delay section. -2...
    Substractive synth. AlgoMusic's Arpy is a free virtual analogue vsti plugin for windows. Features includes a unison oscillator with selectable number of voices, an arpeggiator,...
    Substractive synth. ASynth is a six voice virtual analog synthesizer featuring two oscillators and three circuit modelled filters.
    Six voice virtual analog synthesizer. ASynth is a six voice virtual analog synthesizer featuring two oscillators and three circuit modelled filters
    Music analysis and algorithmic composition. AthenaCL is a modular, object orientated, interactive command-line environment for music analysis and algorithmic composition. Scores are created in Csound as...
    Analog drum sound module. 6 analog drumsounds Parameter editing Midi input for keyboard playing
    Electric piano. Very soft electric piano like pianos you can hear on the Vangelis piece's of music.
    Audio Editor VST Compatible. Audacity is a free audio editor. You can record sounds, play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files, and more. Use it to edit your sounds using Cut,...
    Sound editor. Audioblast is a program to edit sounds (WAV or MP3). It has all the basic edit functions, but also some special functions that you won't find in other sound...
    Audio files conversion program. Features: - Converts from any format that libsndfile can read, to WAV or AIFF format - Uses libsamplerate for high-quality sample rate conversion to various...
    Additive synthesis tool. AudioPaint generates sounds from pictures. The program can read JPEG, GIF and BMP files and translates each pixel position and color into frequency, amplitude...
    Audiophile USB Driver
    Audiophile usb driver. M-Audio Audiophile usb driver
    AudioTrap Lite
    Realtime Sampler and Slicer. AudioTrap is a Windows VST plugin which is able to capture a small chunk of audio from your favourite DAW and play with it in a number of different ways. It can...
    Prophet VS clone. Wavetable synth. Project to make an emulation of the Prophet VS.
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