FSU. Automaton is a unique look at buffer effects, allowing you to experiment with artificial life within your DAW. With four separate effects (Stutter, Modulate,...
    Octophonic spatial control. - division of a stereo input in two series of four frequency bands - dynamic spatial control of each band into eight outputs - can be used from 4.0 to 8.0
    Pitch correction. This is a VST/AU port of Tom Baran's open source pitch correction LADSPA plug-in. All credit goes to Tom for the algorithm. At the moment it is designed to be...
    High frequency refresher. It brings clarity to the high end by regenerating high frequency harmonics. Primary design goals: - Vocal enhancer - Per/track enhancer - Master track...
    Audio / video step sequencer. AVdrum is an audio video step sequencer and drum machine. You have the ability to switch audio or video of a movie clip On/ Off in realtime to compose AV...
    AVI Joiner
    Joining several AVI files into bigger one.. AVI Joiner is an easy-to-use video joiner for joining several AVI files into one bigger AVI format. Because the AVI Joiner does not recompress the avi files, the...
    AVmixer Pro
    DJ-style audio-video mixer. AVmixer Pro is a DJ-style audio-vidéo mixer with effects. With AVmixer Pro, you can change playback speed, select playback range, set cue points, play forward...
    Vocal processing. The AVOX Antares Vocal Toolkit combines 11 of our state-of-the-art vocal processing plug-ins to give you the power you need to create stunning vocal tracks in...
    AWS Guitar Tuner
    Guitar Tuner. Simple guitar tuner program for Mac OS 9. Plays notes in standard and alternative tunings with multiple voices including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and...
    Sequencer/synth. Axon introduces an Audio Damage original: the Neuron Sequencer. A radical departure from traditional x0x- or MPD-style sequencers, the Neuron Sequencer generates...
    MIDI CC XY pad controler. AXYs is a XY MIDI controller for VST plugins. You can assign X and Y axis to multiples parameters with differents ranges.
    Substractive synth. Features : 6 voice polyphonic. 3 oscillators, Resonant filter, 3 LFOs, Chorus and Distortion.
    Organ. Three-channel drawbar featuring 9 drawbars and 6 different waveform shapes.
    Analogue substractive synth. 2 waveform oscillators Arpeggiator ADSR envelope LFO LP/BP/HP filters Mono mode Pitch wheel switching to joystick
    B-Line 303
    Bass line synthesizer. New monophonic bass line synthesizer, B-Line 303 emulates the classic Acid sound of the Roland TB-303 and Roland SH-101. B-Line 303 can easily dial up the...
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