Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 1.5d
Format AU
Compatibility 2WarpDelayMacOS X Intel
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On May 5, 2009
Total Downloads 16,183
Mac Downloads 10,761
Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 1.2
Format VST
Compatibility 2WarpDelayWindows
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Mar 30, 2009
Total Downloads 16,183
PC Downloads 5,422

Special delay

2WarpDelay has many of the features that you can find in most other delays: independent delay lines for right and left stereo channels, cross-feedback for control of the delay's stereo image, saturation, compressors in the feedback path to prevent harsh clipping with extreme settings and filtering of the feedback paths. Unlike any other existing delay effect, however, 2WarpDelay uses frequency-warped lattice filters (a rather esoteric type of digital filter) in the feedback path with frequency responses that are determined per-channel by bitmaps.
For experienced and dedicated users, the novel use of warped filters offers near-total control over the timbre of the delay. To inexperienced and experienced users alike, 2WarpDelay offers a new and unique sound for their collection and the possibility for anything from subtly unusual delay effects to wildly unpredictable yet surprisingly aesthetic feedback drones and atmospheres.
2WarpDelay 2WarpDelay v 1.5d May 5, 2009 MacOS X Intel
# "Fade" - fadeout on no input was not implemented; now is.

# Signal flow was wrong (!) with WIIR lattice output fed directly into effect output, instead of only being fed to output after delay/compressor stage. This caused, in particular, a heavy DC bias to effectively mute one of the channels

# Reverse delay wasn't working

# Interface was largely as-is Cocoa. For better or worse, it's now visually much closer to the Windows version. Still Cocoa-based, though (no Carbon-only host support).

# Bitmap geometry changes were not correct

# Compressor was acting funny. Is not same as Windows version; will look into why for next version. Should still be better now than before

# zlib dylib dependency may have been causing trouble for some
Mutagene 2WarpDelay 2WarpDelay v 1.5c Apr 5, 2009 MacOS X Intel
Not available
Mutagene 2WarpDelay v 1.5b Mar 30, 2009 MacOS X Intel
Firts mac version
2WarpDelay 2WarpDelay v 1.2 Mar 30, 2009 Windows
  • bitmap generation (random or Mandelbrot - note that Mandelbrot generation can be quite slow)

  • - simple bitmap processing (flip, rotate, normalize, invert, edge, etc..)
    - support for non-24 bit BMPs
    - bitmaps are saved within presets (previous versions simply saved the file path for the image)
    - backwards compatible with v1.0 presets, should be forward-compatible
    - minor adjustments of signal processing algorithms (slightly different compressor, pre-delays,
    lpc analysis mode)

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    version 1.5c, MacOS X Intel

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