Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 1.1
Format AU
Compatibility ModelMacOS X PPC
License Freeware
Price Free
4.7 / 5 , 6 votes
Updated On Apr 6, 2006
Total Downloads 19,000
Mac Downloads 19,000

Modulation Delay

"Model" is an OSX AU MOdulation DELay plugin. From classic echoes to strange modulations and musical patterns, you can Model your sound with unlimited random modulation patterns, filters and ring modulator.

Features :

* Stereo to Stereo processing
* 1ms to 1000ms delay time.
* 5 types of modulators.
* Random generated patterns with smooth function
* Envelope follower
* Decimator
* Ring modulator
* Low & High shelf filter in feedback path
* Lowpass filter in crossfeedback path
* Parameters randomizer
  • OS X
  • AudioUnit host software
  • Model Model v 1.1 Apr 6, 2006 MacOS X PPC
  • User defined modulation by drawing

  • - New skin (thanks to Chad Tomlinson)
    - New modulation types (chaosc, FM)
    - Sound capture from the host
    - Number of random pattern steps
    PolyFractus Model Model v 1.0 Mar 16, 2006 MacOS X PPC

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    version 1.1, MacOS X PPC
    In my mind, LFO modulated delay = heaven. This thing has an excellent and robust feature set able to generate all kinds of sonic madness.
    Unfortunately, it has never been released in Universal Binary, so I haven't been able to use it in quite a while. I really miss it, and hope that the developer updates it soon.
    version 1.1, MacOS X PPC
    Where is the Universal Bianary!?
    version 1.1, MacOS X PPC
    The download link appears to be broken. Is there any other source for this download?
    version 1.1, MacOS X PPC
    I'll add these features in the next version...
    version 1.1, MacOS X PPC
    Very good plug-in but you should add tempo sync mode and a limiter. It would be excellent !
    version 1.0, MacOS X PPC

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