Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 1.1.1
Compatibility HipnoMacOS X UB
License Commercial Software
Price $199  /  177€
Updated On Nov 25, 2006
Total Downloads 972
Mac Downloads 897
Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 1.0.4
Compatibility HipnoWindows
License Commercial Software
Price $199  /  177€
Updated On Mar 1, 2006
Total Downloads 972
PC Downloads 75

Granular, spectral, and filter/delay-based plug-ins

Hipno is a hell-raising horde of audio plug-ins and virtual instruments for Audio Unit, RTAS, and VST host applications. The Hipno collection, designed by Electrotap, features an irresistible mix of granular, spectral, and filter/delay-based plug-ins that feature the unique Hipnoscope morphing interface.

Hipno's objective is to make advanced audio technology intuitive, powerful, and fun. You'll get the extraordinary features you've come to expect from Cycling '74 such as host synchronization and modulator plug-ins for automated parameter control. But Hipno goes a step further, adding plug-ins that can be controlled with motion tracking derived from a live webcam, XML preset import/export, and references instantly available from within each plug-in.
Windows XP (Home or Pro) P4 processor 512 MB of memory 55 MB disk space VST or RTAS host application
Hipno Hipno v 1.1.1 Nov 25, 2006 MacOS X UB
  • [Win] Now supports Max-4.6.2-built plug-ins

  • [Mac] Fixed problems with scanning the VST folders in AU and RTAS when a

  • bogus plug-in exists in that folder
  • [Mac] Fixed drawing problems with RadioGroup object as VST in Live 5.2/6 and

  • Cubase SX 3
  • [Mac AU] Fixed various problems related to storing parameter values in sessions

  • [ProTools] Fixed the storage of session data on an Intel-based Mac to be compatible

  • with ProTools on PPC-based Macs and Windows.
  • [Pluggo] Fixed various bugs in many plug-ins.

  • [Pluggo] Fixed host-sync problems in Cyclotron, EnvFollower, Slice-n-Dice,

  • and Xformer plug-ins, etc. etc.
  • [Pluggo] Internal reworking of the Swish plug-in

  • [Hipno] Fixed various crashes on multi-processor / multi-core systems
  • Cycling '74 Hipno Hipno v 1.0.4 Mar 26, 2006 MacOS X PPC
  • updated file and folder locations, including the placement of the hipnolib folder

  • compatibility improvements for Pro-Tools 7

  • miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Hipno Hipno v 1.0.4 Mar 1, 2006 Windows
  • updated file and folder locations, including the placement of the hipnolib folder

  • compatibility improvements for Pro-Tools 7

  • miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Cycling '74
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