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Version 6.0b14
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Updated On Apr 25, 2014
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Universal audio editor

Acoustica is a universal audio editing program that offers a large range of high quality audio tools and effects. The improved audio editing engine allows unlimited undo and redo levels, ultra fast non-destructive editing and 24 or 32 bit editing with up to 192 kHz sampling rate. You can import tracks from audio CDs and create audio CDs with your edited material without leaving the program.

Acoustica has user friendly and versatile tools for quality enhancement of old LP or tape recordings. Remove stationary noise like tape hiss or let Acoustica add high frequency harmonics to dull recordings. You can alter the timbre of your sound in almost any way possible with the six band full parametric equalizer or choose from a large number of audio effects ranging from lush reverbs to time stretching. If this is not enough, the support for DirectX plug-ins makes it easy to extend the program with third party audio processing tools.
A Pentium IV or higher Minimum 256 MB RAM (1 GB recommended) A Windows MME or ASIO compatible sound card Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP
Acoustica Acoustica v 6.0b14 Apr 25, 2014 Windows
We have just updated Acoustica 6 to build 14 with the following fixes:

DeClick did not recall user presets
ID3 tag data not always loaded from MP3 files
Axis frequency mismatch in phase linear equalizer
Help was missing for the distortion effect
The surround panner in the multitrack editor did not reflect the actual channel count
Multitrack editor kept playing after closing the project
Save was incorrectly disabled after undo
Reversing a single channel caused a crash
The clip start offset was not loaded from multitrack project files
Acon Digital Media Acoustica Acoustica v 6.0b12 Sep 9, 2013 Windows
Volume increased when adding clips in subsequent track in the multitrack editor
Clips modified using the single track editor from a multitrack project weren’t saved along with the multitrack project
The last parameter settings in VST plug-ins weren’t always loaded correctly
MP3 import failed for certain files under Windows 7 and 8
The residual output option was missing in DeClick
Acon Digital Media Acoustica v 6.0b10 Jul 27, 2013 Windows
The next button now gets activated correctly in the restoration wizard (problem was only present in the Premium Edition)
Fixed issue with missing phase linear equalizer in the effect chainer (Premium Edition)
The equalizer settings are now properly updated when changing frequency band in the phase linear equalizer (Premium Edition)
Added possibility to reset all bands in the phase linear equalizer by double clicking the background of the frequency response visualization (Premium Edition)
Fixed application freeze when trying to create spectrum with logarithmic scale starting at 0 Hz
Slight reduction in the height of DeHum and DeClick to make sure they fit with resolutions down to 800 x 600 pixels (Premium Edition)
audio Acoustica v 6.0b8 Jun 10, 2013 Windows
  • Multitrack Editing (Standard and Premium Edition only)

  • Create as many audio tracks as you want
    Apply effect chains to tracks or master track
    Clips can easily be looped and stretched
    Add transitions between clips by simply overlapping them in the time line. Several transition curves are available
    Double click a clip to open and modify the content in an audio editor window
    Mix-down to 5.1 and 7.1 surround formats (Premium Edition only)

  • New Phase Linear Equalizer (Premium Edition only)

  • Phase linear six band parametric equalizer
    Six different filter types
    No frequency warping when close to the Nyquist frequency
    Variable bandwidths and filter slopes (from -3 to -120 dB / oct.)

  • New Audio Restoration Tools (Premium Edition only)

  • Acoustica Premium Edition now includes the same tools as found in the Restoration Suite:

    DeNoise is a plugin designed to reduce stationary noise, such as broadband noise, hiss, wind noise, buzz and camera noise
    DeHum targets hum and buzz typically introduced by poorly grounded electrical equipment, but also other tonal noise sources like electrical motor noise
    DeClick is designed to remove impulsive noise such as clicks and crackle
    DeClip restores audio recordings distorted by analog or digital clipping

  • Upgraded Processing Tools (Standard Edition only)

  • Acoustica Standard Edition 6 includes several of the high quality processing tools that were earlier only available in the Premium Edition:

    Superb quality time stretching
    Transpose tool (pitch shift) based on the new time stretching engine
    New reverb with much better control over the room and filter parameters
    The parametric equalizer now offers six different filter types – low shelf, peak, high shelf, high pass, notch and low pass

  • Other Improvements

  • Improved VST preset handling which is more consistent with how presets are managed for the internal processing tools
    Automatic recovery of recording audio if the computer shuts down unexpectetly during recording
    WAVE64 – support for files bigger than 4 GB now also in the Basic and Standard Edition
    The Basic Edition now includes MP4 and AAC import and export filters (only on Windows 7 or higher)
    editing Acoustica v 5build60 Dec 7, 2012 Windows
    Acoustica has among other improvements been optimized for touch devices and Windows 8. Big thanks to Intel for providing us with test hardware.
    program Acoustica v 5build59 Sep 8, 2012 Windows
    The latest build fixes a problem with scanning of VST plug-ins in nested folders, an issue that in some cases prevented ASIO devices from being listed as well as several minor bug fixes.
    tools Acoustica v 5build51 May 16, 2012 Windows
    In build 51 we have added ASIO support also in the standard edition of Acoustica 5. The new build also includes several bug fixes.

    large Acoustica v 5build46 Mar 15, 2012 Windows
    Build 46 of Acoustica Standard and Premium Edition 5 includes a new raw import file filter, VST latency compensation and minor bug fixes.
    download Acoustica v 5build43 Jan 20, 2012 Windows
    Build 43 of Acoustica Standard and Premium Edition 5 includes keyboard customization as well as several minor improvements and bug fixes.
    mac Acoustica v 5.0 Nov 24, 2010 Windows
    Graphical user interface
    * New audio plug-in design
    * Tabbed MDI interface
    * Dockable file browser pane

    New file formats
    * FLAC
    * AAC
    * WAVE64 - support for files bigger than 4 GB (Premium Edition only)

    CD Cover Editor
    The new CD Cover Editor lets you create CD covers from your CD projects in a breeze.

    CD Projects
    * Save and open CD projects
    * Erase CD-RWs

    K-System metering
    The new K-System level meters help you to produce consistent sounding music while preserving appropriate dynamic range.

    Enhanced spectrum analysis
    The updated offline analysis tools allow you to select frequency and amplitude ranges. The spectrum analysis now allows logarithmic frequency scales and can show the average spectrum over a large time selection.

    Convolution reverb
    Simulate the reverberation of physical or virtual spaces based on pre-recorded impulse responses.

    Enhanced denoiser with adaptive mode (Premium Edition only)
    The new adaptive mode constantly updates the noise profile to match changes in the signal noise.

    Test signal generator (Premium Edition only)
    * White, pink and brownian noise
    * Sine tones
    * Chirps
    macintosh Acoustica v 4.0 Mar 10, 2008 Windows
    * Compatible with Windows Vista
    * Supports VST effects.
    * Real-time analyzers lets you analyze the output audio like a professional, including lever meter with RMS, peak and peak hold, FFT analyzer, phase correlation meter and a big time display.
    * The new user interface supports customizable toolbars, menus and window positioning.
    * Integrated Limiter
    * New declipper restores audio recordings that suffer from digital or analog clipping.
    * The declicker includes a new decrackle option that eliminates short but frequent clicks (crackle) more efficiently.
    * Integrated phono preamplifier emulator eliminates the need for an external phono preamplifier when connecting record players to the sound card
    * Greatly improved Cleaning Wizard guides you through all the steps from connection of the stereo equipment and recording to restoration and CD burning.
    Acon Digital Media
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    Great audio plugin and ver stable.
    The premium version is ideal for mulchannel (5.1 or 7.1) audio treatment.

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