Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 2.1
Format AU
Compatibility VintasionMacOS X PPC
License Commercial Software
Price $50  /  44€
Updated On Oct 5, 2004
Total Downloads 158
Mac Downloads 158

Adds Vintage Style To Your Mixes

Vintasion is the plug-in which adds vintage style character to your individual tracks or mixes.

Vintasion is a multipurpose plug-in that easily fits into any studio's effects processing toolbox. With its easy to use design and high precision algorithms, Vintasion allows users to add subtle or drastic sound coloration to their projects.

Vintasion offers users the ability to enhance their individual audio tracks and project mixes. Vintasion is an easy to use plug-in targeted for all skill levels of recording musicians and engineers. Vintasion's algorithms add vintage style coloration to audio tracks and allow users to fine tune the amount and type of coloration.

Use Vintasion on individual tracks of needing a "retro" feel, or tracks needing added character. Use Vintasion at any point in a project; during mixdown before mastering, or during mastering. Vintasion can add incredible sonic coloration to the recorded material.
Vintasion Vintasion v 2.1 Oct 5, 2004 MacOS X PPC
  • vast performance improvements, with many internal routines rewritten for increased processing speed and decreased CPU usage.

  • the audio processing engines have been enhanced to improve the clarity of processed audio.

  • Improvements in how the plug-in interact with host DAWs

  • many additional changes and bug fixes, suggested by end users.

  • Specific enhancements to Vintasion boost its audio warming ability.
  • Levelground Media Vintasion Vintasion v 2.0 Jul 23, 2004 MacOS X PPC
  • Processor 1 and Processor 2 now contain control knobs to adjust "Intensity", "Coloration", and "Wet/Dry Mix".

  • A new expander processing unit exposes "Threshold" and "Ratio" control knobs for dynamic expansion functionality for the audio signal after leaving Processor 1 and Processor 2.

  • New Factory Preset functionality gives users access to quick effects using parameter settings designed at Levelground Media.

  • An expanded and rewritten GUI makes your work with Vintasion more intuitive and easy.

  • Input and Output Meters allow visual feedback to help users achieve just the right gain level with Vintasion.
  • Levelground Media
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