Sonic Timeworks

Digital Audio Software for Windows and Mac (DirectX, Pulsar/scope, RTAS plug-ins)

Software by Sonic Timeworks

4081L Digital Reverberator
Reverb. Features : - World class reverbs Easy to use, yet extremely powerful - SMP(symmetric multiprocessor) Optimized Digital Reverberation - Real-time previews...
EQ. A classic channel EQ strip with built-in dynamics as well as High and Low Filters. a Superior EQ design with highly accurate response curves and unsurpassed...
Compressor. Analog compressor emulation, with breathing and pumping effets - True stereo 64 bit internal precision. Hard or Soft Knee compression. Peak or RMS limiting....
Equalizer. - 2 algorithms (Clean & Vintage) for unmatched versatility. Get the EQ sound you want. - True stereo 64 bit internal precision. - 30 Band frequency analyzer...
Reverb. - Real-time previews - Automatable - Equalization controls - Use it like you would use any hardware unit - Complete with analogue-style ANSI C-165 Conforming...
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