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Version 2.1
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    Sorti le 23 juil. 2012
    Mis à jour le 7 févr. 2024
    Taille 23.4 Mo
    "5 stars for the sound", "Pb8-5 Stars, "Great fun". The retro style mono synthesizer app based on the classic Stylophone but with some cool modulation options:
  • Play the stylophone while music is playing on iTunes
  • It really does sound like the real Stylophone
  • 3 different waveforms(sawtooth, square and triangle).
  • Control the vibrato (pitch modulation) speed and depth.
  • Transpose up each note to the next octave. (Handy for playing in another key)
  • Adjust the amplitude envelope attack and release.

  • Plus a bender (-/+5 semitone)

    #Check out the video demo on  the "BeatsnBobs Web Site" link
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    BeatsnBobs Synthophone

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      BeatsnBobs Synthophone
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