Chord Rotator

Thomas Gullion
Version 2.5
Price $9.99
Category Education / Chords and Scales
Compatible with
  • iPad2 3G
  • iPad2 Wifi
  • Languages
    Release Date Jan 28, 2016
    Updated On Jul 18, 2022
    Size 12.9 Mo
    Chord Rotator is a harmony generator or rotator instrument. It creates harmony from a single note in a rotating mode. Previously, this technology was only available for MIDI instruments. Now, it is available for single-note acoustic instruments!

    One voice follows the input pitch at a fixed interval and the other voice "rotates" through the pitch shift settings. This produces three output notes: the original voice, a pitch-shifted voice at a fixed interval and a third voice that changes.

    The "follow" pitch shifter follows your input voice at a fixed interval. The three "rotating" pitch shifters will rotate - that is, a new input pitch will advance to the next rotating pitch shifter. Set the mix balance to blend original input and effected signals. Analyzer speed adjusts the sensitivity of the signal processing. Chord Rotator

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      Chord Rotator Chord Rotator
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