Klevgrand Produkter AB
Version 1.2.0
Price $9.99
Category Portable Studio / Effects
Compatible with
  • iPad2 3G
  • iPad2 Wifi
  • Languages
    Release Date Oct 11, 2015
    Updated On Feb 17, 2024
    Size 5.5 Mo
    This audio effect is an advanced de-esser with an intuitive user interface, and works both as an AUv3 audio plugin, and as a standalone app. The uniqueness of Esspresso is that the detection frequency range isn’t coupled with the suppressors frequency range. That means you can listen to a specific frequency and compress another one, which is often what you’ll want from a professional de-esser. With a fast and accurate frequency response view, you will easily get full control over annoying S-sounds that ruin the mix.

    Noteworthy features:

    • Works both as a standalone app and as an Audio Unit Extension (AUv3) with compliant hosts
    • Detector sensitivity gain
    • Visual reduction RMS
    • Visual detector RMS
    • Suppressor can work as allpass, bandpass and highpass
    • Load / Save presets

    Klevgränd produkter AB Esspresso

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      Klevgränd produkter AB Esspresso
      Klevgränd produkter AB
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