Thumb Drummer

Version 1.0
Price $1.99
Category Instruments / Drums
Compatible with
  • iPad2 3G
  • iPad2 Wifi
  • iPad 3G
  • iPad Wifi
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 4th Gen.
  • iPod Touch 3rd Gen.
  • Languages
    Release Date Nov 2, 2012
    Updated On Nov 5, 2012
    Size 13.6 Mo
    No recording, no midi, no frills, just simple virtual drums.
    Pick from 10 kits to play:
    Vintage 60s drum kit, hip hop kit, latin kit, dance kit, jazz kit, rock kit, vinyl scratch kit, and a few others.

    Originally made to be played with your thumbs on the iPhone.
    Even better on the iPad.

    Patrick Mcguirk Thumb Drummer

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      Thumb Drummer
      Patrick Mcguirk Thumb Drummer
      Patrick Mcguirk
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