Metronome - MemoryNome

Version 1.62.1
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Category Tools / Metronomes
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  • iPad2 3G
  • iPad2 Wifi
  • iPad 3G
  • iPad Wifi
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 4th Gen.
  • iPod Touch 3rd Gen.
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    Release Date May 22, 2011
    Updated On Apr 10, 2016
    Size 7.6 Mo
    This application is the metronome which can set various patterns graphically.
    There are not only patterns of the normal tempo but also latin beat such as Clave (Son) or Samba (Partido Alto).
    It uses note for each beat, and has plain design intuitively.

    The details are as follows.

  • Beat pattern
  • 1/Beat - 4/Beat, 6/8, Son (3:2, 2:3), Rumba (3:2, 2:3), samba (Partido Alto), Son 6/8, Rumba 6/8, Bossa, Shuffle.
    Beat number ranges 2-8. (in the case of 1/Beat - 4/Beat)
  • Setting of each beat
  • Switch note (rest) for rest (note) by tapping note.
    Each note selects 2 patterns of beat sounds.
  • Set List
  • Each list parameter has BPM, pattern, beat number.
    Change the list at top screen.
  • BPM ranges 30-240.
  • Set BPM by Tap. (Set beat sound ON/OFF by Tap.)
  • Select many kinds of beat sounds. (16 sets, 32 types)
  • Select background image. (16 types)
  • Loop-Sessions.LLC Metronome - MemoryNome

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      Metronome - MemoryNome
      Loop-Sessions.LLC Metronome - MemoryNome
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