MusicReader PDF

Leone MusicReader B.V.
Version 4.965
Price $0.99
Category Education / Sheet Music & Tablatures
Compatible with
  • iPad2 3G
  • iPad2 Wifi
  • iPad 3G
  • iPad Wifi
  • Languages
    Release Date Dec 16, 2010
    Updated On Feb 20, 2021
    Size 29.5 Mo
    MusicReader is a digital music stand app for the Apple iPad.
    It makes it very easy to manage and use your sheet music:
  • Real PDF Support - all settings / annotations are stored in the PDF.
  • View your PDF sheet music.
  • Convenient library to catalogue of files.
  • Full playlist support for rehearsals and performances.
  • Make annotations in the PDFs using multiple colors and line widths.
  • Standard symbols and support for redo / undo.*
  • Display and turn pages in multiple ways.
  • Zoom into the sheet music.
  • Easy download of PDF Files from websites.
  • Support for foot pedals to turn pages.
  • Use metronome, tuner, music player and sound recorder.*
  • Display sheet music on external screen.*
  • Easy Dropbox synchronization*
  • Bluetooth file transfer*
  • =requires Professional features pack
  • Leoné MusicReader MusicReader PDF

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      MusicReader PDF
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