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  • iPhone 4
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    Release Date May 9, 2009
    Updated On Dec 6, 2023
    Size 724 Ko
    Built by a musician for musicians, Beater is a full-featured and compact digital metronome, containing all the features you need to build simple and complex meters. On the Time and Tempo screen, set the overall meter and tempo. Then for more customization, dive into the beats view, where you can select the sound of individual beats, subdivide beats into parts, and turn beats on and off.

    Beater is accurate down to a single audio sample.

    The current version of Beater was designed for practicing polyrhythms in addition to standard meters. By setting a fast tempo and 11 beats per measure for example, the user can use a variety of sounds and accents to practice a repeating meter of 4/4 followed by 3/8.

    Like all my apps, Beater will always be free of ads and in-app purchases!

    Michael Geilich Beater

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