Mic Modeler

Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 1.38
Compatibility Mic ModelerMacOS X PPC
License Commercial Software
Price $249 - $539
233€ - 504€
Updated On Apr 3, 2006
Total Downloads 7,705
Mac Downloads 7,091
Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 1.3.2
Format DX
Compatibility Mic ModelerWindows
License Commercial Software
Price $249 - $539
233€ - 504€
Updated On Jan 16, 2006
Total Downloads 7,705
PC Downloads 614

Microphone Modeler

Mic Modeler allows any reasonable quality microphone to sound like any of a wide variety of high-end studio mics. Mic Modeler includes an extensive collection of digital models of historical classics, modern exotics, and industry-standart workhorses. Additionnal models can be downloaded from the Antares web site. The models reproduce the effets of windscreens, low-cut filters, pattern-dependant frequency response and proximity effect. You can also add classic tube saturation distortion.
Mic Modeler Mic Modeler v 1.38 Apr 3, 2006 MacOS X PPC
First AudioUnit version
Antares Mic Modeler Mic Modeler v 1.38 Apr 3, 2006 MacOS X UB
Mic Modeler Mic Modeler v 1.3.2 Jan 16, 2006 Windows
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version 1.38, MacOS X PPC
ce plug est sans doute l'un des plus ridicules existants à ce jour ...
Bof, bof, bof.. c'etait prévisible...

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