Drawmer S73

Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 2.2.84
Compatibility Drawmer S73MacOS X Intel
License Commercial Software
Price $99  /  91€
Updated On Feb 7, 2016
Total Downloads 88
Mac Downloads 63
Category Audio Production / Plug-ins & effects
Version 2.2.84
Compatibility Drawmer S73Windows
License Commercial Software
Price $99  /  91€
Updated On Feb 7, 2016
Total Downloads 88
PC Downloads 25

Multi-Band Compressor

Drawmer S73 features an enhanced multi-band compressor sound design, fine-tuned to improve your mix with a minimum of tweaking. The S73 does most of the job for you by making the choices a mastering engineer would make. Simply use the Style parameter to switch between ready made mastering processing techniques to quickly find the sound that suits your mix the best.

Under the hood, the S73 is based on technology created by Drawmer for the 1973 Three Band FET Stereo Compressor. This is an award winning multi-band analog compressor design famous for its precision and flexibility. Softube has carefully modeled all the characteristics of the original analog hardware, and have taken the concept a step further by adding mastering sound design to create the Drawmer S73 IMP. The unit offers the perfect way to balance and shape your mix, and get great analog sound in no time.
Mac OS X 10.8 or newer
Windows 8 or newer, Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit)
Drawmer S73 Drawmer S73 v 2.2.84 Feb 7, 2016 MacOS X Intel
Drawmer S73 Drawmer S73 v 2.2.84 Feb 7, 2016 Windows
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