Deck LE

Category Audio Production / Sequencers
Version 3.5.3
Format App
Compatibility Deck LECarbon (OS 9+10)
License Commercial Software
Updated On Mar 25, 2004
Total Downloads 1,274
Mac Downloads 1,274

Audio Multitrack Editor

Deck LE gives you everything you need for quick, easy, pro quality multitrack recording and editing, record, edit, and play back up to 8 tracks of audio.
  • Power PC, G3, or G4 Processor ( 266 Mhz or faster )
  • - Mac OS 8.6 or later - 128 MB RAM minimum - 20 MB available disk space - 18 ms hard drive (average seek time) or faster - Apple Sound Manager 3.3 or later (for use with Mac OS versions prior to OS X) - QuickTime 3.0 or later - CarbonLib 1.4 or Later (Mac OS 8.6 to 9 only) - Recording/playback at higher bit depths may require third-party hardware/drivers - Built-in 16-bit Macintosh sound, or supported ASIO (OS 9), Sound Manager, or CoreAudio (OS X) compatible audio card/hardware & driver - CoreAudio support requires compatible CoreAudio hardware & drivers
    Deck LE Deck LE v 3.5.3 Mar 25, 2004 Carbon (OS 9+10)
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