Kangas Sound Editor QI

Category Audio Production / Experimental
Version 4.2.0
Format App
Compatibility Kangas Sound Editor QIMacOS X Intel
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Jun 30, 2014
Total Downloads 694
Mac Downloads 408
Category Audio Production / Experimental
Version 4.2.0
Format App
Compatibility Kangas Sound Editor QIWindows
License Freeware
Price Free
Updated On Jul 18, 2014
Total Downloads 694
PC Downloads 286

Sound and music creation

This kangaroo-themed program allows the user to create their own music and sound effects, effectively from scratch.

This program differs from the Kangas Sound Editor in the program's database: whereas Kangas Sound Editor requires MySQL, Kangas Sound Editor QI does not (it uses an internal database instead).

It uses a system of boxes or cells, which are placed by the user onto a timeline using drag-and-drop, and which represent entities such as chords, repetition, and individual sounds or notes.

The program's database allows the user to create and store harmonics, used for constructing melodic instruments, and anti-harmonics, which are used for constructing percussion instruments.

Users can collaborate with each other, and build on the work of others via an XML import/export facility.
Java SE 6 Runtime Environment 6 or later
Java SE Runtime Environment 7
Kangas Sound Editor QI Kangas Sound Editor QI v 4.2.0 Jun 30, 2014 MacOS X Intel
This new release includes enhancements and bug-fixes made in versions 4.0.0 and 4.1.0, not previously released on Mac OS X, and additional enhancements and bug-fixes for version 4.2.0.
KangaSound Kangas Sound Editor QI Kangas Sound Editor QI v 3.2.2 Nov 23, 2013 MacOS X Intel
This is a bug fix/maintenance release that extends the functionality
of release 3.2.0 of the software. This is the first 3.2.x release of
the Kangas Sound Editor on Mac OS X, so it is the first time features
introduced in 3.2 are available on this platform. See release notes for
3.2.0 for details of changes there. Here is a list of 3.2.2 changes:

1. Changed to save main window preferences only if the user confirms he/she
wants to close the program. This also fixes a bug in the Aqua look-and-feel,
where main windows preferences were not saved at all when using the
'Quit Kangas Sound Editor' menu item.

2. An unnecessary refresh of the Properties view, which caused a juddering
effect and movement of the input focus to the toolbar start time, has
been removed.

3. Changes to better deal with a Sequence box which while selected, goes off
Edit view. A Sequence box can go off the Edit view by a change of start
time or time unit from the toolbar. Previously, if this was followed by
the user editing the start time or duration of the selected Sequence box,
this could result in error dialogs popping up, or even deletion of the
Sequence box from the Edit view.

4. A bug resulting in incorrect display of UNNAMED COMPOSITION in the title
bar for a named composition has been fixed. The bug occurred in the Aqua L&F
of Mac OS X, when opening a dialog window such as 'Create Graph'.

5. Added code to better handle a switch from MIDI to non-MIDI pitch on a
composition. Previously, this would result in a blank Properties panel if
a MIDI pitch value was greater than 16, the maximum value of a non-MIDI pitch
value. The program now checks for this possibility, and if detected shows a
warning dialog to the user, and resets the non-MIDI pitch value to zero
(but does not save to the database). The solution does have an unwelcome
side-effect, at least on Mac OS X; a Sequence box that has its Start Pitch
set to zero sometimes moves after the warning dialog is dismissed.

6. Improved display of Variations. Flags graphs now have a smaller font size.
The weight of flags graphs has been increased relative to their labels, to
fix a bug whereby just the labels were shown if the window was shrunk so
there was insufficient space to display both graph and labels. A low minimum
vertical size has been given to flags labels, to make it easier for the divider
containing the graphs (including the flags graphs) to be moved.

7. Fixed bug in volume calculation for Repetition Groups. This could also affect
duration, as Sound boxes may set a duration proportional to volume.
KangaSound Kangas Sound Editor QI v 3.1.0 Oct 15, 2013 MacOS X UB
Kangas Sound Editor QI Kangas Sound Editor QI v 4.2.0 Jul 18, 2014 Windows
This minor release, which is for Windows and Linux, includes a few changes to bring the software into line with Kangas Sound Editor 4.2.0 for Mac OS X.
KangaSound Kangas Sound Editor QI Kangas Sound Editor QI v 4.1.0 May 13, 2014 Windows
What's new in version 4.1.0 of the Kangas Sound Editor QI

1. Bug-fixes and improvements to WavePlayer (internal audio player)
that was introduced in 4.0.0

2. Improvements in the handling of Recorded Sound boxes, including
a new combo box that allows choice of compute method. The compute
method 'New' allows .AIFF and .AU audio files in addition to .WAV
files to be specified as the raw sound file.

3. Clicking on the 'Tracks' node now functions as a 3-way toggle. This
toggles between closing all tracks, opening all tracks, and closing
tracks that do not have any views open.

4. Fixed bugs that resulted in SQL syntax errors if a single quote or
backslash were used in a name field.

5. New installs now include examples of the four additional graph types
introduced in version 3.2.0 ('Square root', 'Cube root', 'Power' and
'Geometric sequence') in the initial database.

6. Improved error report when an attempt to insert duplicates into the
database is made.

7. Fixed bug in sound-engine graph calculations in Compute Stereo and
Recorded Sound.

8. Improved format of fields shown in Duration dialogs.

9. Fixed bug in Sound engine when the bits-per-sample is not an exact
multiple of 8, and another when the bits-per-sample is exactly 8.

10. Waveform, Amplitude and Pitch views - handling for 'Cannot locate
intermediate file' messages improved.

11. Closing the program and starting a new composition now only prompt
the user if there are unsaved edits.

12. The user actions of load/re-load composition, delete composition and
XML import of a composition no longer have the side effect of closing
track nodes and associated views.

13. Fixed bug with setting the Composition parameters from its dialog and
then saving. This bug was introduced in 4.0.0

14. Fixed bugs that prevented successful XML import of a composition.

15. Fix to bug where Waveform, Amplitude, Pitch, Channel and Master views
were not always cleared on new composition or change of composition.

16. Changed regular expression search in Finder dialogs to not be case
sensitive, and to only require a match against part of the name field.
This makes it behave like regular expression searches in the Kangas
Sound Editor.

17. Default database on new installs now has a constraint to prevent
duplicate composition names. The upgrade script will add this constaint
provided no duplicate composition names already exist.

What's new in version 4.0.0 of the Kangas Sound Editor QI

1. Inclusion of WavePlayer, an internal audio player for the .WAV
files generated by the software. The software can still be
configured to start an external audio player, such as Windows
Media Player, when the user presses a 'Play' button.

2. The inclusion of a new menu item on the 'Track 0' menu called
'Show properties'. This is a gateway to new functionality that
allows a master track to be computed from track zero, the latter
of which represents the aggregate of all the remaining tracks.
The user can set-up the computation of the master to have graphs
(e.g. for fade-in or fade-out on the entire composition), channel
limits and other parameters, in a separate phase from the computation
of track 0. Another significant new computation is the ability to
compute all other tracks that have the 'Include in track 0' checkbox
selected from the 'Compute' button or 'Compute-kwik' button (a
faster, but less thorough computation) of the track 0 properties.

3. Changes to the Waveform, Pitch and Amplitude views. These now show
more information (Sample rate, Duration and Start time for channel
views), and in a different colour from the data. Tooltip labels (ie
when mouse hovers over) have been added to the cryptic labels at the
start of a view.

4. The software is now configured by default to re-use filenames (see
'Configure -> Configure other parameters'). This has the practical
effect of economising greatly on disk space. It is sometimes necessary
to (temporarily) unset this, in order to break the link between a sound
which has been copied-and-pasted elsewhere, but has been subsequently
customised independently of the original sound.

5. The software can now be configured to compute child sound and
intermediate files. For example, all the Sequence boxes of a track can
have individual sound files generated by one click on the Compute button
of the containing track. Note this is not available for Compute-kwik
(which instead tries to save computation time by using any intermediate
sound files it comes across).

6. The 'Configure sound file parameters' dialog has changed.
Bits-per-sample and 'Number of channels' are now combo/edit boxes, and
the 'Sample rate' combo has many more choices (note, however, limits
such as memory are likely to be hit with the highest sample rates, but
thankfully the need for these should be rare).

7. Layout of 'Variations', accessible from the 'Variations' Create/Edit
menu, has been improved.

8. The 'Time ruler start' on the toolbar is now a spinner field.
Increments/Decrements correspond to the current time unit selected.

9. A bug in Waveform and Amplitude views, which were missing some samples
from the display, has been fixed.

10. An irritating 'beeping' bug, that could occur when modifying the
Sound-box properties 'Pitch calc freq' and 'Vol. calc freq' to have a
value of 1000 or greater has been fixed.

11. An installation bug that prevented successful installation on 64-bit
Windows machines has been fixed.
KangaSound Kangas Sound Editor QI v 3.2.0 Oct 16, 2013 Windows
New graph types 'Square root', 'Cube root', 'Power' and 'Geometric sequence' have been added.

An octave/note selector for the MIDI start pitch of Sequence boxes has been introduced.

Numeric fields in the Properties window now have spinners for incrementing or decrementing values, and sliders for major or minor adjustments to values.

Graph evaluation has been improved, including a fix of a possible divide by zero error.

Bugs in the rendering of Waveform, Amplitude and Pitch views, including a failure for these to be resized properly, have been fixed.

Property window fields now have a cream background colour (previously white).

Links to web pages in the Help on the Web dialog have been updated, fixing some links which had become broken in the process.

The operation of dragging Sequence boxes has been made smoother, by fixing a bug which resulted in the Properties window being re-displayed needlessly.

Registry keys for this program are now stored under a key of com->kangasound in the Java preferences section of the registry; previously there was a possibility of a key conflict with another Java program.

The internal HSQLDB database engine has been upgraded from 2.0.0 to 2.3.0.

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