Category Audio Production / DJs
Version 3.2.1
Format App
Compatibility DJ-1800MacOS X UB
License Commercial Software
Price $80  /  73€
Updated On Aug 28, 2008
Total Downloads 28,389
Mac Downloads 28,389

Professional MP3 DJ Software

DJ-1800 is an Apple Mac application that emulates the Denon DN-1800F professional CD Player system used by many DJs and radio stations.

It allows you to play any MP3 files via a professional DJ-standard CD player interface, with cue, positional searching, and pitch shift and bend.

It includes a fully featured software mixer with Master and Cue out, and allows you to manage your MP3 collection and Playlists using either the internal Song Library or iTunes.
DJ-1800 DJ-1800 v 3.2.1 Aug 28, 2008 MacOS X UB
Added a workaround for a QuickTime audio issue on Leopard with certain audio configurations.
DJ-1800 DJ-1800 DJ-1800 v 3.1 Aug 8, 2008 MacOS X UB
* Support for music stored on an iPhone or iPod Touch
* Support for new DJ controllers, including the Denon DN-HC4500, M-Audio X-Session Pro, Numark DMC2, Numark iCDX and Numark Total Control
* A full plug-in API, enabling you to create your own controller plug-ins for any DJ controller
* A new Mid-range EQ control
* User-definable Low, Mid and Hi EQ ranges of up to -20 dB / +12 dB
* Improved audio sync for MP3 files
* Many other improvements and fixes
DJ-1800 DJ-1800 v 3.1b7 Jul 23, 2008 MacOS X UB
3.1b7 adds support for music stored on an iPhone or iPod Touch, improves MP3 sync, and fixes an incompatibility with iTunes 7.7.
professional DJ-1800 v 3.0.2 Dec 19, 2007 MacOS X UB
Changes in v3.0.2:
[fix] Fixed a crash when quitting DJ-1800 in Demo mode whilst music is still playing

Changes in v3.0.1:
[fix] Users with a system language of Japanese can now register DJ-1800 successfully
[fix] The current track name display on each of the four CD Players now uses Lucida Grande as its font by default, rather than the system font. This improves the text positioning for Japanese language users.
[fix] Protected audio files and protected movie files are now correctly detected in the iTunes library XML file for non-English-language users, and will show the appropriate icon in the DJ-1800 Library "!" column
[chg] The "Switch to Tracks List" menu shortcut is now cmd-L rather than cmd-T, based on user feedback. The menu shortcuts for updating from iTunes / iPods now have additional modifiers as a result.
[imp] Pasted usernames and serial codes are now checked and tidied by the Registration window before they are pasted, which should reduce the chance of registration failing unnecessarily
[new] If you are running DJ-1800 in demo mode, you are now given the option to Buy Now (or Buy Later) when quitting DJ-1800
[kis] There is a known issue when using DJ-1800 in "Dual + Mixer" or "Mono + Mixer" mode, on Mac OS 10.5.x, with Pitch Lock turned on. The problem occurs when loading a new track, or when starting playback of a track. Either of these actions may result in a short audio dropout on other already-playing tracks. This problem is caused by a bug in Mac OS 10.5 and QuickTime, rather than in DJ-1800. We are working with Apple to help them fix this bug. If you are using Mac OS 10.4.x, or if you are using any other output mode on 10.5.x, or if you are not using Pitch Lock on 10.5.x, then you will not experience this problem.
player DJ-1800 v 3.0 Nov 26, 2007 MacOS X UB
Pitch Lock (Master Tempo)
Automatic BPM Calculation
Universal Binary for native Intel support
Your iTunes library within the DJ-1800 Rack
Integrated support for multiple iPods
New Setup Assistant
Support for new controllers, including the PCDJ DAC-3
Many other improvements and fixes
software DJ-1800 v 2.2.2 Aug 1, 2006 MacOS X PPC
Fixed a problem with dragging and dropping songs from the iTunes Library window on Intel Macs
allows DJ-1800 v 2.2.1 Oct 28, 2005 MacOS X PPC
Fixed a problem where the Rack window would not resize correctly on subsequent launches of DJ-1800, if parts of the rack were set to be minimised or hidden
download DJ-1800 v 2.2 Oct 26, 2005 MacOS X PPC
Support for a wide range of DJ hardware controllers
Support for any MIDI controller
Song progress bar to jump anywhere in a song
Clearer interface
Improved song loading performance for safer and faster DJing
Mono files now play in stereo
BPM values imported from iTunes
Other fixes and performance improvements
mac DJ-1800 v 2.1 Jul 12, 2005 MacOS X PPC
  • Support for all channels on multi-channel audio devices

  • Keyboard control of the pitch slider now adjusts the pitch in increments of 0.1% every step

  • Reduced the CPU load of the time and VU displays

  • Search wheel now works correctly when the song position is between 0.00 seconds and 0.14 seconds
  • windows DJ-1800 v 1.2.1 Oct 30, 2003 MacOS 9
  • iTunes 4.1 now correctly imports if you have blank playlists

  • French localisation now available
  • DJ-1800
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    version 3.2.1, MacOS X UB
    No support
    No response from any of their email address's
    But buying a new copy is easy
    Lou Kash
    version 2.2.1, MacOS X PPC
    In fact, in its class DJ-1800 doesn't really have any competition.
    Some professional Mac DJ applications are much more expensive and they suffer often on "featuritis". Others are more in the "hobby-DJ" class (and also a bit cheaper) and thus lacking some essential features for pro and semi-pro DJs which you can find in DJ-1800.
    2.2.1 is the best version ever. The playback is now very reliable (basically due to QuickTime 7 - not all of the earlier problems were the developer's fault!) and the overall performance has been highly optimized.
    MIDI support is a nice addition, especially if you have one of the supported DJ controllers (I don't).
    However if you want to control DJ-1800 with non-DJ devices like general MIDI keyboards, there are still a couple things that need to be fixed; I hope this will happen in v3.x. (Until then I'll be posting workarounds in
    I use DJ-1800 on an iBook G3/700, and although it's slightly below the minimal system requirements, v2.2.1 now runs better than any version before. Of course it runs much better on my Powerbook G4/1.67, but I don't use that machine for deejaying...
    And finally, it's also necessary to highlight the excellent support from Dave Addey, the developer... :)
    DJ Lou Kash |
    version 1.2.1, MacOS 9
    Excellente solution pour des mixs sans grandes prétentions. (Le logiciel peut être un peu imprécis par moment).
    Facile d'utilisation, fiable et complet.
    Je l'utilise depuis quelques mois, et il ne m'a jamais lâché
    Welcome visitor: