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Version 3.1.0
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Compatibility Audio Hijack ProMacOS X Intel
Licence Commercial Software
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Updated On May 29, 2015
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Record Audio From Any App

Audio Hijack Pro is an enhanced version of our flagship product Audio Hijack. It's the audio utility you always needed, but never knew was available! Just like Audio Hijack Audio Pro, you can use it to enhance or record the audio output of any application on OS X.

Timed recording, alarms, or enhanced DVD, CD, and internet stream listening-Audio Hijack and AH Pro do it all. With Audio Hijack Pro, you also get support for unlimited numbers of industry-standard VST and AudioUnit plugin formats, MP3 recording, the ability to hijack running applications, enhanced timers and much more.
Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
Audio Hijack Pro Audio Hijack Pro v 3.1.0 May 29, 2015 MacOS X Intel
Major Enhancement: Audio Hijack again has a Silence Monitor, and that's golden! Head to the "File Limits" section of the Recorder Block, where you can control how Audio Hijack reacts to silence. Remove silence, start a new recording based on it, or end your recording entirely.

Major Enhancement: The Recording tab of Audio Hijack's Home window now offers Actions! Highlight one or more recordings, then click the Actions button to quickly Reveal in the Finder, Edit in your chosen audio editor, Add to iTunes, or Share via the Mac OS X Share sheet.

Major Enhancement: Audio Hijack now entirely avoids forced auto-ducking from sources like FaceTime and Mac OS X Dictation. It will also attempt to automatically correct any Sessions which used Volume Overdrive to work around the auto-ducking. In short, audio capture from FaceTime and Dictation works just as you'd expect.

Major Enhancement: Audio Hijack is now smarter in dealing with missing and re-appearing audio devices. In addition, when a device is not plugged in, Audio Hijack will alert you so you can adjust your settings.

Major Enhancement: AIFF and WAV recordings can now be made in higher sample rates, with support for 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, and 192 kHz.

Critical Bug Fix: Audio Hijack now correctly alerts you when the Instant On extra is required. Previously, Audio Hijack could simply fail to capture audio, and that was far from ideal. We recommend that all users install Instant On, but now when it's required, you'll know.

Minor Enhancement: Audio Hijack's Preferences window now offers the ability to select a companion audio editor to show up in the aforementioned Actions control. We recommend our own editor Fission, of course, but any editor may be chosen. Option-click to reset this preference.

Minor Enhancement: Audio Hijack now works around an issue where QuickTime Player on Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) would refuse to auto-play audio.

Minor Enhancement: Keyboard control has been expanded for quick access to important recording controls. Turn off all Recordings in a Session with Commmand-K. Pause all Recordings with Command-B. Split all Recordings with Command-T. Nice!

Minor Enhancement: Several minor cosmetic improvements have been made, including fixes for icons in the App Source popup and flickering in the Recording tab.

Minor Enhancement: Errors and Messages have been updated and improved for clarity.

Minor Enhancement: Tooltips and VoiceOver descriptions have also been improved throughout the app.

Minor Enhancement: Default recording names in templates have been improved.

Bug Fix: Certain rare and unsupported combinations of AAC settings which previously caused an error are now correctly limited in the UI. The HE-AAC checkbox can also now be edited when a Recorder block is off.

Bug Fix: Some issues where Audio Hijack could crash on quit have been corrected.

Bug Fix: Audio Hijack now better handles system sleep when recording.

Bug Fix: The Channel Tweaker effect no longer incorrectly doubles volume when set to "mono".

Other: There's all sorts of additional tiny improvements and fixes. As usual, we recommend getting the latest version right away!

Other: The File Limits area has been updated to handle decimals properly.

Other: The Recorder block now has a "Stopped" state, shown when a File Limit is reached or the Block is turned off.
Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro Audio Hijack Pro v 3.0.3 Mar 20, 2015 MacOS X Intel
Major Enhancement: Overall latency in Audio Hijack has been massively reduced, and improvements to prevent latency from growing have been made as well. If you had issues with latency previously, please test this new version.

Critical Bug Fix: Due to faulty logic, on days when clocks changed for Daylight Saving Time, timers previously suffered from off-by-one-hour issues. This has now been corrected, so timers will work correctly on all days of the year.

Enhancement: The finalization of AAC and ALAC recordings is greatly improved. Files are named correctly after splits, and the finalization of longer files is better handled.

Minor Enhancement: The Recordings and Schedule tabs now feature "Delete Recording(s)" and "Delete Timer(s)" buttons respectively, to make it much more obvious how to delete these items.

Bug Fix: An issue where a popover could come down with an uncontrollable case of the jiggles has been corrected. It may have looked funny, but it was certainly not correct!

Bug Fix: Multiple selection of items in the Recordings and Schedule now works as expected.

Workaround: Improvements have been made to prevent some AudioUnit plugins from crashing Audio Hijack, including plugins from IK Multimedia.

Other: Various other minor interface improvements, including preventing unnecessary scrolling in the Library, updating highlight colors, tweaking the schedule layout slightly, adding a "No Presets" view when the last preset is deleted, and improving editing of an active timer.
Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro v 3.01 Jan 30, 2015 MacOS X Intel
Enhancement: When a Session is running, Recorder Blocks now show "Stopped" on their face when a File Limit is hit or the Block is turned off.

Enhancement: The "Line2" and "Zoom" apps are now supported as VoIP input sources.

Enhancement: The default file name for recordings has been updated to include date and time tokens.

Enhancement: Ducking now quickly fades audio in and out, rather than doing hard, instant adjustments.

Critical Bug Fix: An issue where audio could get crackly and eventually stop playing through properly has been fixed.

Critical Bug Fix: A rare but serious bug where Audio Hijack could pinwheel and die at the end of a recording has been corrected.

Bug Fix: We crushed an irritating bug where text fields in the Recordings tab would lose focus with each keystroke.

Bug Fix: Recorders which hit a File Limit will now correctly resume after either the Block or the Session is toggled off and back on.

Bug Fix: A disabled timer could stop a recording currently being made by another timer. That is really silly, and now, it's gone.

Bug Fix: Importing of old Sessions is now more robust, and correctly imports all timers and tags.

Bug Fix: Improvements to latency have been made, particularly to prevent latency growth. Further improvements to latency issues are expected in future versions.

Bug Fix: Variables in Recorder Block tags and file names are now properly expanded, to fix both omitted fields and issues with expansion.

Bug Fix: When a Recorder Block has variables in multiple fields which refer to one another, this is now handled sensibly. As well, variables in Recorder Block tags can no longer incorrectly refer back to themselves.

Bug Fix: A rare issue where Blocks could leave, well, droppings, has been corrected. Honestly, it looked like the Block had defecated. It was hilarious, but wrong.

Bug Fix: Recorder presets now correctly save all settings and tags (excluding artwork).

Bug Fix: Tooltips were sometimes lagging behind reality, but they've been given a speed boost.

Bug Fix: Editing controls in some Audio Unit plugin views would cause the popover to drag. No more!

Bug Fix: 24-bit Wav recordings now work as expected.

Accessibility improvement: The first block pasted into the Audio Grid is now properly selected and described by VoiceOver.

Accessibility improvement: The disclosure buttons for advanced sections in popovers and library sub-sections are now skipped by VoiceOver. These sections automatically expand on VoiceOver-interact. The buttons were poorly described, and of no value to VoiceOver users.

Accessibility improvement: Schedule times were incorrectly read by VoiceOver, which could be very, very confusing! They'll now be read correctly.

Accessibility improvement: The "Hide Library" button (which hides the library from VoiceOver navigation, as well as visually) is now correctly labeled for VoiceOver.

Accessibility improvement: Animations of blocks adding, deleting, or moving Blocks are now disabled when VoiceOver is in use, to avoiding confusing VoiceOver. Animations resume when Audio Hijack is restarted.
audio Audio Hijack Pro v 3.0 Jan 21, 2015 MacOS X Intel
Session Templates - For a quick way to begin common tasks, look no further than Session Templates. Common tasks in Audio Hijack are now faster than ever.

Multiple Recorders in One Session - Want to record to both the MP3 and AIFF formats at once, or record different sources in sync? Just add multiple Recorder Blocks to get multiple files!

Bulletproof Audio Recording - Every format in Audio Hijack is now bulletproof, so even if your computer crashes, you'll never lose a recording again.

Denoise, Declick, Dehum - Clean up dirty audio with these custom audio effects, powered by audio technology licensed from industry leader iZotope.

Simplified Audio Effects - Harness the power of audio effects without needing a degree in audio engineering.

Audio Block Presets - Saving presets for an Equalizer is obvious, but how about other settings? With Audio Hijack 3's new presets, you can save configurations for almost every Block, then instantly use them in other Sessions.

Improved Instant On - Capture audio from already-running apps, as well as all System Audio at once. If you haven't looked at Audio Hijack for a while, you'll be thrilled to see that installation and updates to Instant On no longer require a restart.

Streamlined Recording Options - Audio Hijack offers a half-dozen sensible defaults for recording. Of course, if you're looking for powerful recording options, they're still available too.

FLAC Recording - Audiophiles will be thrilled to record directly into the lossless FLAC format.

HE-AAC Recording Too - Audio Hijack can now record in the high-efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) format as well.

Full-Screen Mode - Whether configuring a tricky Session or focusing on a recording, going full-screen helps you focus.

Massively Improved Accessibility - We know many visually impaired users love Audio Hijack, and we've worked hard to make it fully accessible with Apple's VoiceOver.

The Ducking Effect - With this effect, one signal can automatically be ducked under another, based on input levels.

The Time Shift Effect - Still in its infancy, this effect enables you to pause and delay audio in your chain. Pause audio entirely, jump backwards or forwards 10 seconds, or jump back to Live.

The New Volume Effect - Overdrive audio to maximize the output from small speakers like those found on laptops.

Full Cocoa Audio Unit Support - We've cut VST, LADSPA and older Carbon and 32-bit Audio Unit effects, but you can still add on modern (64-bit Cocoa) third-party Audio Unit plugins.

Control-click an Audio Unit's block to select the generic interface, if the plugin's custom interface is not desired. This can be especially helpful for visually impaired users.

Output Device Blocks include a built-in monitor control for output volumes. Adjust this to lower the volume locally, without affecting your recording.

Quick access to your recording location is now available right in the Recorder block, by clicking the magnifying glass.

Some rarely-used ID3 tags were culled. If you miss them, sorry!

Audio Effects now look great, and work great too.

The Channels effect (a replacement for Channel Tweaker) is far simpler to understand.

So very much more - this update is so massive, we don't have room to list all of the changes!
hijack Audio Hijack Pro v 2.11.0 Jul 29, 2014 MacOS X Intel
Audio Hijack Pro now has initial compatibility with Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).

The Instant On component has been updated to version 8, with support for Yosemite. This update provides several improvements and bug fixes.

It's now possible to capture multiple instances of System Audio at once.

Code-signing is now checked during software update.

Many other small bugs have been fixed.
enhanced Audio Hijack Pro v 2.10.9b2 Oct 29, 2013 MacOS X UB
OS X 10.9 compatibility
recording Audio Hijack Pro v 2.10.7 Apr 12, 2013 MacOS X UB
The Instant On component has been updated to version 6.0.3, fixing several small issues including one related to the Amarra iTunes plug-in.

We've fixed a crash which could occur when the source application was quit while audio was being captured from it. Phew!

The "Add To iTunes as Bookmarkable" script would sometimes fail. Now, it should always work. Or at the very least, work more often.

Some AIFF files could not be read by iTunes 11.0.0 and iTunes 11.0.1, due to a bug on Apple's end. That bug was reported to Apple and is fixed in iTunes 11.0.2 and up. Nevertheless, we've worked around it as well.

Sometimes, large artwork caused Audio Hijack Pro to crash. Those days are behind us.

The AppleScript dictionary now properly allows for scripting WAV recording.

Audio Hijack Pro now writes WAV tags differently, and hopefully, better(ly).

An issue where the discrete GPU in some laptops could turn on unnecessarily has been corrected.

Audio capture has been made more robust, thanks to fascinating changes like "don't keep trying to hijack a process if it has been removed or already hijacked" and "fix hang where dispatch queue exceeds 64 thread limit from hijacking sandboxed subprocesses". Nearly impenetrable! But all you need to know is that audio capture is more reliable than ever.

A rare issue with Recording hotkeys has been corrected, making it possible to use Option in shortcuts.

Several other small bug fixes have been made
record Audio Hijack Pro v 2.10.6 Nov 17, 2012 MacOS X UB
The Instant On component has been updated to version 6.0.2, fixing several small issues and improving audio capture of VMWare Fusion and other apps.

Audio capture from Zoiper and Bria 3 has been improved.

AIFF recordings now use ID3 tags, matching iTunes (AIFF specification be damned!).

A bug where the 'Quit Audio Hijack Pro' option could cause future timers to fail to schedule has been fixed.

Multiple problems with AppleScript support have been taken care of: Recording now stops when Hijacking stops in scripts, and the Joint Stereo setting for recording now works.

A bug where 4FX plugin instances would not correctly show in the Effects area has been corrected.

Audio capture from iSight cameras has been restored.

Software updates have been improved, with automatic downloads and install on quit, based on a newer version of Sparkle.

Several other small bug fixes have been made.
download Audio Hijack Pro v 2.10.5 Jul 31, 2012 MacOS X UB
Audio capture of Safari, QuickTime Player, FaceTime, and Messages is now possible on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) without requiring the Instant On component.

The Instant On component has been updated to version 6.0.1, which fixes several small issues. The update comes in addition to Instant On 6.0, which including improvements to System Audio capture and support for Mac OS X 10.8.

A crash which could occur if a custom install of libFLAC existed has been fixed.

The Factory Reset functionality has been corrected to work properly on Mountain Lion.

Audio Hijack Pro is now signed as part of Apple's Developer ID program, for compatibility with Gatekeeper.

Several other small bug fixes have been made.
mac Audio Hijack Pro v 2.10.4 Jun 28, 2012 MacOS X UB
The Instant On component has been updated to version 6, with improvements to System Audio capture and more. This update also includes preliminary support for Mac OS X 10.8.

For maximum compatibility, the Instant On component is now required for capturing audio from apps made by Fluid.

On Mac OS X 10.8, the Instant On component is now required for audio capture from Safari and QuickTime Player.

Audio Hijack Pro now includes the in-window Trial Mode badge.

Audio Hijack Pro now has a one-time sign-up for the Rogue Amoeba mailing list.

Several other minor problems have also been fixed.
windows Audio Hijack Pro v 2.10.3 Mar 23, 2012 MacOS X UB
Instant On has been updated to version 5.0.2, with full support for capturing audio from sandboxed applications from the Mac App Store and other sources. This update also fixes a potential conflict with Qt-based applications, including Sibelius.

A regression which affected audio capture from older versions of Skype (specifically, Skype 2.x) has been corrected.

The LAME MP3 recording engine has been updated to 3.98.4.

A bug where Audio Hijack Pro could inadvertently create hundreds of files on long recordings has been corrected.

Audio Hijack Pro's auto-split settings have been reverted to those used in 2.10.0 and before. Specifically, recordings are automatically split if they reach 2 GB in size or 24 hours in length.

Many bug fixes have been applied to the hijacker.
macintosh Audio Hijack Pro v 2.10.2 Feb 8, 2012 MacOS X UB
Instant On has been updated to version 5.0.1, with full support for capturing audio from sandboxed applications from the Mac App Store and other sources. This update also fixes a very rare startup issue.
pc Audio Hijack Pro v 2.10.0 Sep 10, 2011 MacOS X UB
Audio Hijack Pro can now capture all System Audio, as well as grab audio from already-running applications, on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). This is accomplished with Instant On 4.1, which can be installed through the "Install Extras" window, under the Audio Hijack Pro menu.
Specific improvements have been made for capturing audio from Spotify and QuickTime Player
AppleScripts which are triggered when a recording finishes now run on their own thread instead of in their own process. Script users should test their scripts to ensure they still function as expected.
An incompatibility with Google Talk has been fixed.
A bug where the VoiceOver effect would produce silence on Lion when the buffer was set to "Low" has been corrected.
Sessions now correctly remember if they were set to use the "Multi-Process" hijacker.
Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.13 Jul 20, 2011 MacOS X UB
Additional preliminary bug fixes for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) have been made. Full Lion support is still forthcoming.
AppleScripts are now run on background threads. Users with custom AppleScripts should test them to ensure they still function as expected.
Audio Hijack Pro no longer incorrectly attempts to load iTea plugins.
Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.12 Jun 20, 2011 MacOS X UB
  • With Instant On installed, Audio Hijack Pro no longer requires relaunching Safari in 32-bit mode to capture audio.

  • Audio Hijack Pro can now capture audio from Google Chrome and Firefox 4 with no additional setup needed.

  • Audio Hijack Pro now supports recording to the WAV audio format.

  • The Instant On component has been updated to version 3.0.2, to fix a rare crashing bug.

  • Some preliminary bug fixes for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) have been made. Full Lion support is still forthcoming.

  • Many small bugs have also been fixed.
  • Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.11 Feb 9, 2011 MacOS X UB
    * An issue where the Instant On component could fail to install properly has been fixed. If you receive a notice of an update to Instant On, be sure to install it.
    * A bug where effects were not applied to local playback of System Audio has been corrected.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.10 Feb 2, 2011 MacOS X UB
    * Audio Hijack Pro now requires Mac OS X 10.6.
    * The updated Instant On component works better than ever to capture audio from running applications, as well as all System Audio.
    * The Install Extras window has been improved for easier use.
    * A bug affecting recording from many headsets has been fixed. This will result in improved recording from Logitech headsets and Blue Snowball microphones.
    * A bug where recording AAC files could hang on completion has been fixed.
    * Recording no longer prevents displays from sleeping.
    * A bug where timers would attempt to fire even if their date had passed has been fixed.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.9 Jan 16, 2011 MacOS X UB
    An issue affecting hijacking from both Skype 2.8 and Skype 5 has been corrected. Audio Hijack Pro is now once again full compatible with all versions of Skype.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.8 Jan 6, 2011 MacOS X UB
    Audio Hijack Pro has been improved for full compatibility with Skype 5.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.7 Sep 2, 2010 MacOS X UB
    * The Instant Hijack component has been updated to 2.2.7, which fixes several small bugs.
    * The LAME MP3 recording engine has been updated to 3.98.4.
    * The VoiceOver plugin now defaults to a lower buffer size, for reduced latency.
    * A bug where deleting a session which was recording could cause a crash has been corrected.
    * A bug with the Minimize to Menubar Record option has been corrected.
    * A bug where HotKeys failed if they included the 'A' key (yes, really) has been corrected.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.6 Nov 9, 2009 MacOS X UB
    * The Instant Hijack component has been updated to 2.2.5, which fixes a rare incompatibility with Adobe Version Cue.
    * The Recording Bin now calculates file durations more precisely.
    * The 'Add To iTunes as Bookmarkable' script has been made more robust.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.5 Oct 8, 2009 MacOS X UB
    * The Instant Hijack component, used to capture audio from already-running applications, has been updated to 2.2.3 to fix a crash with quicklookd that could occur on some machines running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
    * An error that would appear when an empty file was recorded has been corrected.
    * A false 'waiting for sample rate' error that could be thrown has been corrected.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.4 Sep 24, 2009 MacOS X UB
    * The Instant Hijack component, used to capture audio from already-running applications, has been updated to 2.2.2 to fix an extremely rare crash.
    * A bizarre bug causing licenses keys containing the sequence "2222" to be rejected has been fixed.
    * An NSRangeException on Mac OS X 10.6 preventing the deletion of a session has been corrected.
    * A bug where the Add to iTunes as Bookmarkable script might run perpetually has been fixed.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.3 Sep 10, 2009 MacOS X UB
    * Audio Hijack Pro is now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
    * Audio Hijack Pro now uses Instant Hijack 2.2.1 to capture audio from already-running applications.
    * The Soundflower Extra, used to power System Audio capture, has been updated to version 1.5.1.
    * Software update check now sends the processor architecture to the server.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.2 Aug 7, 2009 MacOS X UB
    * Audio Hijack Pro now uses Instant Hijack 2.1.2
    * Audio Hijack Pro can now hijack the same application in multiple sessions simultaneously.
    * A bug which could cause AAC recordings not to start has been fixed.
    * The "Add to iTunes" script has now been cured of all known failures.
    * An issue with non-functioning Quick Record hot keys has been corrected.
    * The Recording Bin's Inspector is now better about saving changes.
    * On Mac OS X 10.4, Audio Hijack Pro now installs the latest compatible version of Soundflower, 1.3.1.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9.1 Feb 10, 2009 MacOS X UB
    * Audio Hijack Pro now uses Instant Hijack 2.1.1, fixing a crashing bug with 64-bit processes.
    * Extras: Older versions of the Soundflower Extra are now properly handled.
    * Recording Bin: A bug where the Inspector would incorrectly report bitrates has been fixed.
    * Hijacker: A bug where applications without bundle IDs would not hijack has been fixed.
    * Performance: A bug where a large amount of timers would cause AHP to launch slowly has been fixed.
    * Interface: Several small tweaks for better VoiceOver support have been made.
    * Interface: Hotkeys now affect the Quick Record area only, instead of creating new sessions.
    * Interface: Many non-urgent errors are now reported in non-modal windows.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.9 Dec 29, 2008 MacOS X UB
    * Improved and polished user interface, including a global status LCD and updated Recording Bin with file inspector
    * ID3 tags for recordings can now be edited in the Recording Bin, using the Inspector
    * Fixes a bug introduced in Mac OS X 10.5.6, which could cause a crash with the Recording Bin
    * Now includes Soundflower 1.4.2, for grabbing System Audio
    * The Artwork tag is now supported, for adding art to recordings
    * Timers: Now support scripts for post-processing
    * Recording: Now uses the LAME 3.9.8-2 MP3 encoding engine for recording MP3s
    * Hijacker: Better compatability with several applications (more Auto-MegaMixing)
    * AppleScript: Using scripts with Audio Hijack Pro that use the 'do shell script' command now behave as expected
    * Many small bugs fixed and memory leaks removed.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.8.2 Jul 19, 2008 MacOS X UB
  • Includes Instant Hijack 2.1, with full 64-bit support.

  • - Effects now play through in MegaMix mode.
    - Now using LAME 3.9b8
    ◊ Fixed a bug where audio could skip under heavy CPU load
    ◊ Several other minor bug fixes.
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.8.1 Mar 22, 2008 MacOS X UB
    Updated Instant Hijack to 2.0.3 - fixes a crash in ssh and related commands when using Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) with Apple Security Update 2008-002
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.8 Feb 6, 2008 MacOS X UB
  • Full support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), including Instant Hijack support

  • - Now featuring Instant Hijack 2, with Leopard support, MultiHijack, and more
    - Now includes Soundflower 1.3 update for capturing System Audio, now featuring volume controls
    ◊ Additional ID3 tags supported (Grouping, Composer, Album Artist, Track Count, Disc Count, Disc, BPM, Compilation)
    ◊ AAC and MP3 Bookmarkable recording options are now found "Add to iTunes as Bookmarkable" post-processing script
    ◊ Many other minor updates and bug fixes
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.8pr3 Dec 9, 2007 MacOS X UB
    ◊ Improved the reliability of hijacking emulated (Rosetta) applications
    ◊ Fixed a bug where post-processing scripts would sometimes not run for AAC files
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.8pr2 Nov 20, 2007 MacOS X UB
  • Various bug fixes and improvements for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

  • - AAC recording fixes (Removes AudioCodecError())
    - Bookmarkable recording options updated for compatibility with iTunes 7.3 and up. (See the "Add to iTunes as Bookmarkable" post-processing script)
    - Instant Hijack 1.5 (Currently only for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)) with MultiHijack - hijack the same source multiple times, with one or more applications
    - Schedule Helper updated to v1.0.7
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.6.3 Dec 23, 2005 MacOS X PPC
    Improved hijacking under high CPU use
    Improved behavior of Split-On-Silence
    Schedule Helper bug fixes
    Fixed bug with Recording Bin-based crashes
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.5.5 Jul 6, 2005 MacOS X PPC
    Now supports hijacking Dashboard widgets (hold down Option when clicking the Application popup)
    Updated Application Mixer plugin
    Instant Hijack updated to version 1.3.1
    Better support for Radio devices
    Major bug fix for AIFF resampling
    Fixed another bug with AAC and ALAC recording
    Several other bug fixes
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.5.1 Jun 3, 2005 MacOS X PPC
    Automator Support - Audio Hijack Pro can now execute Workflows when finishing a recording, or from the Recording Bin.
    Instant Hijack updated to version 1.3
    Various improvements to timers
    Fixed a rare bug with AAC and ALAC recording
    Several other minor bug fixes
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.5 Apr 28, 2005 MacOS X PPC
  • Full OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Compatibility

  • Fully Applescriptable

  • New 'Radio' Input Source, supporting Griffin's RadioSHARK and D-Link's DSB-R100

  • New 'System Audio' Input Source, allowing for optional hijacking and recording of all audio

  • Includes the Application Mixer plugin, to allow input from multiple applications

  • Overlapping Timer detection

  • Disk Status window, showing available disk space on all volumes
  • Audio Hijack Pro v 2.1.1 Oct 21, 2004 MacOS X PPC
    New 'Add to iPod' script
    Improved handling of RealPlayer files
    Fixed several Timer-related bugs, including never-ending one-shot timers
    Fixed issues with AppleScripts causing crashes, as well as providing better AppleScript error dialog
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.1 Jan 23, 2004 MacOS X PPC
    New Channel Tweaker Plugin
    Variables in Tags section
    Added Output Device selector to the Audio Device Source
    AIFF recording now supports setting the sample rate
    AAC recording bitrate fixes
    Main window now 800x600-resolution compliant
    Over 20 separate bug fixes
    Updated Instant Hijack Component (v 1.2.8)
    Audio Hijack Pro v 2.0 Aug 10, 2003 MacOS X PPC
  • Elegant New User Interface

  • Now records to AAC and Apple Lossless (ALAC) formats

  • Recording Bin for Organization and Previewing

  • Built-in CD Burning

  • Split on Silence/Remove Silence

  • One-shot and Recurring Timers

  • Automatic Timers to wake your computer (10.3-only) and launch Audio Hijack Pro

  • Integrated Audio Input Recording

  • ID3 Tagging

  • Parallel Effects Processing

  • Over 35 major new features in total!
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    Rogue Amoeba
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    Les Hall
    version 1.2.6, MacOS X PPC
    I use this app all the time to capture streaming audio. I always have it running in the bgnd in case something starts playing that I want to record.
    version 2.10.5, MacOS X UB
    Simple et efficace, dommage qu'il ne soit qu'en 24 bit an AIFF

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    Tool to switch input and output audio sources. SoundSource is a tiny tool for OS X enabling you to switch your audio input and output sources with a single click. And with the System setting, you can transfer...

    Other iOS Applications by Rogue Amoeba (1)

    Airfoil Speakers Touch turns your iOS device into an audio receiver. Send any audio from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, using Airfoil and...
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