Category Audio Production / Audio Editors & Recorder
Version 2.11
Format App
Compatibility AudioDeskMacOS X UB
Licence Commercial Software
3.3 / 5 , 5 votes
Updated On Nov 25, 2007
Total Downloads 5,597
Mac Downloads 5,597

Multi-track audio editing

AudioDesk includes multi-track waveform editing, sample-accurate placement of audio, a complete virtual mixing environment with up to 64 stereo busses, automated mixing, graphic editing of mix automation, scrubbing, trimming, spotting, crossfades, support for third-party effects plug-ins (in the MOTU Audio System and Adobe Premier formats), unlimited digital track bouncing (including effects and automation)
In fact, it's the Audio Core of Digital Performer 4.0, with only basic midi functions.
AudioDesk 2.1
AudioDesk AudioDesk v 2.11 Nov 25, 2007 MacOS X UB
Leopard compatibility
Mark Of The Unicorn AudioDesk AudioDesk v 2.0 Oct 16, 2003 MacOS X PPC
24bit/192khz support
Mac OS X Support
Support Multiple Motu Core Audio Drivers, so multiple devices.
Support OS X audio-midi setup
Multiprocessor support
Collect audio data for backup
OMF import/export
10 levels of undo
Up to 20 effect insert per track
And much more...
Mark Of The Unicorn
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version 2.0, MacOS X PPC
I'm seriously looking for a good program. I've been using other software, and want to change. However, I would NEVER buy a program that I cannot try, or at least view on some level.
I did that with programs that looked good on the 'promo' screen, only to find them abysmally bad when real time demands are put on them.
version 2.0, MacOS X PPC
There is no DEMO or TRIAL of the app have to pay before you try, for Pete's sake. I guess they don't want to sell this software.
version 2.0, MacOS X PPC
Thats cool man
version 2.0, MacOS X PPC
L'un des softs les plus performants et plus simple à mon gout pour l'edition et le mixage audio.
Seul hic, perso, je n'arrive pas à ouvrir mon travail provenant de Audiodesk 1 realisé sur G3/OS9 et comme j'ai plein de projets en cour dans mon G3 bein...
version 2.0, MacOS X PPC
Ca va

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