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Updated On Nov 30, 2010
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Granular step sequencer

With the rise of granular synthesis becoming more and more popular, either being with synthesizers or sample manglers. the one thing i have not seen of it, is step sequencers, none at all.
this is where i come in.

operand is a sixteen track step sequencer, capable of taking a folder full of samples [aiff/wav/mp3] and turning them into something new, something, well, granular.

with the edition of:
• drag and drop sample folders [aiff/wav/mp3].
• effects [stereo delay, reverb and filter].
• key controls [sample/record hits with keyboard, tap tempo].
• random pitch/pan/duration.
• global and dedicated step/clock controls.
• external audio recording.
• plus much more.

this can be used for your own personal music tool, or for live events, whichever one you feel most pleased about using it for.
look at the quick tutorial video for reference and ideas of how you could use it.
operand operand v 1.1 Nov 30, 2010 MacOS X UB
Smoking Bunny Productions
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Loopy C
version 1.0.1, MacOS X UB
Once again (see my review of 'Density' elsewhere here), an artist/developer has provided a unique and interesting take on granular synthesis, providing another great and inspiring toolbox to explore the musical possibilities of this technique.
His individual POV provides a very open application of 'sequencing' the events, notably allowing individual and separate sequence clocking and 'steps' relationships (i.e. one sequence can step '8' while another steps '13'). This allows significant polyrhythmic relations to occur even between minimal numbers of sequencers (a total of 16! individual sequencers are available).
Purchase process and developer communications also met and/or exceeded expectation ;-)

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